“Thank you for taking the time to be so thorough and go through each track individually, it was lovely to read such detailed thoughts on the EP” – Avi Simmons


“We were so excited to read an analytical piece about something that we devoted so much time and effort into” – Joe Breitner (Ripshark)


“Thank you so much for the review, it was definitely interesting to read and very well written. Next time I release something, you’ll be one of the first to know!” – Tim Schoen (Cosmic Lovers)


“What a great review! Thanks a lot for your in-depth focus on each individual track, as well as overall impressions of us as a band. There were several points in the review where I felt you really nailed what we were going for. Really great work” – Dave Yarwood (Exit Mice)


“Thank you so much for the very well written review! It definitely means a lot to us.
We also really appreciate the constructive feedback you have given us. We will definitely keep your feedback in mind when working on our future releases.
We’ll be back in touch again we’re sure” – Flamingo Pluto


“I appreciate your willingness to give no-name artists such as myself whatever exposure you can, as well as offering a critical analysis in a world where it is sometimes difficult to get people even to listen to your music” – Ben of Essence


“You did a really wonderful job on the review. I will be recommending you to other musicians I know for sure. I really appreciate you giving me the time to explain the backstory of my music. It adds a layer to a story most people do not have the interest in covering” – Elk Minister