Artists of the Week

Artists of the Week #1

Jam Slayer & The Awkwards

Hailing from Canada, this folk punk power trio are a prime example of less being more. Armed with an array of lo-fi songs with one word titles, no-nonsense lyrics and pounding drums,  their recently-released self-titled EP ensures we’re never far away from a jangly riff or a tempo change.



This Texan rock band fuse grunge instrumentation with harmony-rich vocals. ‘Shoplifting Can Get You Killed’ sees melodic, distorted bass lines lock in with crashing drums, forming an ideal foundation for the sparse guitar and vocal arrangements. The lo-fi production of their music brings a real sense of authenticity to their sound and fits their genre perfectly.


The Gardener


This prog-influenced duo combine serene synths with ambient bass and chorus-rich guitar lines. The guitar work on their recently-released EP ‘Differences In Distances’ is of particular mention, employing a wide range of tones and pulling at the heartstrings with every opportunity. Highly recommended for any chill-out/instrumental fans.

Abby Gogo


This Atlanta-based power trio have struck an incredible balance between the sophistication of prog rock and the simplicity of grunge. Serene bass and ambient vocals are propelled by roaring rhythm guitar in an ingenious manner. Massively recommended for any fan of either prog rock or grunge.



Joe Christopher

LA-based Joe Christopher truly has the voice of a storyteller. His country-esque vocal delivery is both melancholic and observational, whilst the jangly, jubilant instrumentation suggests both hope and freedom. His recently-released EP ‘In and OUt of Bars’ features some phenomenal production, taking great care to showcase the most crucial element of his sound; his voice.


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