Artist Spotlight -Locust Factory

Locust Factory is a prolific doom rock artist based in Rochester, New York. Since 2016, he’s released twenty albums under various monikers and projects, including Maggot, Where Black Roots Run, Sol In Extremis and Depths of Return. He interestingly and effectively markets his sound as being ‘industrial’, a term which describes his signature use of metallic sounding synth tracks across his output.

The recently-released EP ‘Antimatter’ holds true to the core values of Locust Factory; ambient, industrial-sounding synth loops and dissonant brass lines kick things off on ‘Erogenous Landing Zone’, undoubtedly keeping listeners on the edge of their seat. ‘Wailing Sirens (Pale Sky)’ is a particular highlight, incorporating elements of electronica, folk and doom rock. The EP rounds off with a two part composition; ‘Another Day I’ features strong influences of plainchant music, providing an undoubtedly ethereal and laid-back vibe. This is quickly contrasted with ‘Another Day II’, which introduces dissonant harmony and a return of the signature ‘industrial’ sounding synths. Locust Factory’s sonic identity is thoroughly focused and well-channeled; the ‘industrial’ synth sounds serve as a strong point of reference and many signature traits such as dissonant harmony and compressed drum loops are utilised to their full capacity.

His visual identity is also very strong; his main promotional photo sees him dressed in denim jeans and a black jacket whilst stood under a metal structure. The metal structure very much ties in with his ‘industrial’ marketing theme, whilst the black clothing accurately represents the dark and ambient nature of his music. Whilst his Bandcamp page is very well organised and fitting, I struggled to find him on any other social media platforms. I’d thoroughly recommend making use of at least one social media platform to connect with fans, market himself and reach out to other artists for collaboration opportunities. It would also be worth interlinking his social media with his Bandcamp profile so listeners can easily find him on social media.

Overall, Locust Factory has an immensely admirable work ethic and fantastically-formed visual and sonic identities. He certainly stands as an example in these areas and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where he takes the project over the rest of the year. Highly recommended for fans of doom rock or ambient music.


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