60+ Perfect Pop Songs For Kids To Sing

Looking for an all-inclusive list of pop songs for kids to sing along to?

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There’s no doubt that pop music can serve as an integral part of any young person’s life:

Not only can it help them build a friendship group and develop extra-curricular interests, but music can significantly aid child development and the acquirement of vital skills.

However, with the world of pop being all-too-often geared towards an older audience, it can be tough to find the perfect set of pop songs that are suitable for kids.

In this article, our top team of musos have compiled their ultimate list of 60+ pop songs for kids to sing, along with a jam-packed snippet of insight on each track.

Let’s jump in!

The Songs

Happy (Pharrell Williams)

You can’t help but smile when you hear this familiar tune from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. Pharrell sings about how important it is to stay positive no matter what. And all you and your kids can really do, when you hear the song, is sing and ‘clap along’.

Can’t Stop the Feeling! (Justin Timberlake)

The best-selling song of 2016 in the United States is an up-tempo disco-pop number (Timberlake thought that it would be a great idea to create a modern disco song). The singer was also the executive music producer for the soundtrack to the Trolls

Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars feat. Mark Ronson)

The song’s music video is one of the most viewed videos of all time on YouTube. When singing along, the kids have to try and repeat the funky moves from the clip (it just hits differently!)

Old Town Road [Kidz Bop Version] (Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)

Initially, the song became popular on TikTok, but soon it took the whole world by storm. Old Town Road blends country music with hip-hop-style rapping, which makes it incredibly fun to sing along to.

Fun fact: Lil Nas X performed the song in the first virtual Roblox concert (Roblox Corp. is among the most popular gaming sites for kids).

Dance Monkey (Tones and I)

The song is full of strange, cartoonish high notes, but that’s exactly what makes it a real delight to sing. Toni Watson (the singer) was writing about her relationship with the audience when she was street performing in Australia when she came up with this earworm. 

Waka Waka (Shakira)

Your children don’t have to be football fans to appreciate this funky tune that features a skippy township beat and easy-to-learn lyrics.

Barbie Girl (Aqua)

The insanely catchy song is truly an all-time favorite. Kids love playing the roles of Barbie and Ken when singing along. Even though the lyrics might seem a bit cringy today, it is still a very cute chart-topper.

Fun fact: the toy manufacturing company that made Barbie and Ken actually filed a lawsuit against the group.

High Hopes (Panic! At the Disco)

The earlier songs of Panic! At the Disco might be a bit too dark for the majority of kids. However, this upbeat hit will certainly make the children and grownups dance and sing along. The punchy horns add a bit of extra magic to the song.

Let It Go (Demi Lovato)

For the parents that are sick and tired of the original version, there is Demi Lovato’s version from Disney’s hit movie Frozen. It’s a simplified pop version that Demi performed over the start of the movie’s closing credits. 

Thunder (Imagine Dragons)

Imagine Dragons might not be the first band that comes to mind when thinking about pop songs for kids, but this irresistible electro-pop banger will surely make everyone get up and start singing.

The most fascinating thing about the song is that it has a one-word hook which makes it one of the easiest hits to sing along to.

Firework (Katy Perry)

The dance-pop song has become a worldwide anthem throughout the years. It’s about young people who have managed to become confident in themselves.

Once the chorus gains some momentum, you’ll find everyone in the room singing from the bottom of their hearts joining in with that killer line: ‘baby you’re a firework’

Dynamite (BTS) 

BTS is a South Korean boy band that was dubbed ‘princes of pop’ and listed among the 100 most influential people in the world. Dynamite was the band’s first English-language song, immediately becoming a commercial success. 

Brave (Sara Bareilles)

Another inspiring pop song with a great message that the kids love to sing. It’s about having the courage to be who you really are. Moreover, by being brave you give others permission to be that as well.

This is a moderate-tempo, jangly song with a commanding chorus that teaches kids and grownups alike to ‘say what they wanna say’.

The Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book Soundtrack)

This classic should make it to your child’s playlist. Terry Gilkyson wrote the feel-good song way back in 1967, but the message never really gets old, right?

Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)

If you want your kids to learn some all-time classics, then Yellow Submarine might be a great place to start. The easy-to-memorize lyrics might seem a bit silly, but that’s what makes the song so catchy and fun.

Boomerang (JoJo Siwa)

JoJo is a famous Youtuber and dancer. In 2016, the teenage girl released a song about online bullying. The main message of the upbeat song is that you can achieve triumph over bullies everywhere if you ‘tell them politely what they’re doing wrong’.

Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars)

Bruno Mars doesn’t have a lot of child-appropriate songs, but this one is a beautiful exception. The simple lyrics that come directly from the heart of this feel-good jam teach kids that they are amazing ‘just the way they are’. Perfect for when the children want to sing something a bit slower.

Malibu (Miley Cyrus)

A minimal and refreshing song that makes you think about summer. The kids especially like jumping to the handclaps (consult the music video for a simple dance tutorial), but singing along is a great relaxing experience as well.

I’ll Be There (Jess Glynne)

This uplifting song is better sang together with friends as it’s all about friendship and the ability to provide support during challenging times.

Fun fact: in 2019, Jess Glynne became one of the most influential people under 30 according to Forbes magazine.

Waterfalls (TLC)

One of TLC’s signature songs. Waterfalls is an oldie, but definitely a goodie. The lyrics tackle serious issues such as street violence and AIDS. It might be an amazing opportunity to raise the topic with your kids whenever you sing along to the guitar and smooth vocals.

Bop (JoJo Siwa)

Another top pop jingle by JoJo Siwa. The lyrics are as simple as they can be (bop, bop, twist, twist, tick it off your checklist), so the kids can have a lot of fun singing and dancing together with the artist.

Hurricane (The Vamps)

The child-friendly song was written by James and Brad after Disney asked them to create a track for the Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day movie. The kids that loved the movie would have the time of their life singing along to this one.

Dancing Queen (ABBA)

It’s challenging for a lot of us to sing along to this hit, but the kids won’t really care once they spread their arms and become queens (even though they are still not even 17).

Friend Like Me (Will Smith)

Will Smith’s version from Aladdin’s remake sounds amazing. However, you can always go back to the classic Genie – Robin Williams.

Fun fact: Robin was the one to make the song more comedic and pop-culture-filled. 

The Climb (Miley Cyrus)

The vocals on this tune are for the more experienced young singers. However, the lyrics of this song from the Hannah Montana movie are so good that anyone would want to at least try to hit the right notes. After all, it’s the climb that matters.

I’m a Believer (Smash Mouth)

Neil Diamond composed this easy-going dance mover way back in 1966. In 2001, Smash Mouth covered the song as part of the soundtrack to Shrek; a kids’ classic movie that’s certainly stood the test of time.

Kill Em with Kindness (Selena Gomez)

Selena wrote this song after social media users body-shamed her. It has a great message and a cool whistled hook that will make everyone pick up the verse.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Frozen Soundtrack)

If your kid is a little intimidated by the vocals in Let It Go, then this song might be an amazing alternative.

Fun fact: at one point, Disney wanted to remove the song from the movie, but the studio employees demanded it stay.

Born to Be Brave (High School Musical Soundtrack)

A great song for the kids that love re-watching High School Musical from time to time. The lyrics are super inspiring as well: ‘Don’t need a king I got my crown, Don’t need a hero to lift me off the ground’.

I Gotta Feeling (The Black Eyed Peas)

This quirky song might not seem like the best tune for children, but kids love singing along and imagining how one day, they will be getting ready for an unforgettable night out.

Counting Stars (One Republic)

This song’s music video is one of the most-watched videos of all time. No wonder; the pop-rock song with a catchy disco beat is about your true purpose in life.

But if your kids aren’t quite ready to appreciate this part of the song, you can simply sing along to the infectious tune.

Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid Soundtrack)

While some songs from The Little Mermaid might be a bit difficult for inexperienced young performers, Under the Sea is the perfect tune that will make you sing the chorus together with dear Sebastian.

Roar (Katy Perry)

Katy Perry managed to come up with quite a few kid-friendly songs. Roar is, probably, among the best ones (who doesn’t like roaring louder than a lion, right?).

As Long as You Love Me (Justin Bieber)

We’ve decided to include this hit by Justin Bieber, as the kids can have plenty of fun trying to mimic the vocal loops.

What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

This power-pop song became quadruple platinum in the United States. It definitely has an appeal to the teenage audience and is a great song to include in a kid’s singing portfolio.

The Other Side (Justin Timberlake)

The lead single from the Trolls World Tour soundtrack is deeply infectious. The kids adore clapping to the song and dancing to the funky keyboard riffs.

Party in the U.S.A. (Miley Cyrus)

You don’t exactly want your kid to go out partying, but let’s be real, we all dreamed about the amazing movie-worthy parties in our pre-teen and adolescent years. And that’s what Miley’s song is all about.

Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)

This tune went viral after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez tweeted about it on their personal profiles. Not only is this an irresistibly-catchy song, but it has easy lyrics (and we bet your kid already knows at least the lyrics to the chorus).

Fun fact: the song is listed on Billboard’s Greatest Songs of All-Time.

Savage Love (Jawsh 685 feat Jason Derulo)

The song became viral on TikTok and started a “Culture Dance” challenge. It’s a huge bonus if you can sing along while dancing to this ‘siren jam’.

Give A Little (Maggie Rogers)

A feel-good, summery song that is easy to sing (the chorus sounds especially good if the children hit the notes together with their friends).

Fun fact: Maggie is able to perceive colors as a response to hearing music.

What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

You just can’t help but feel your spirits lift once you start singing along to this song. It’s got a great underlying message for kids, focusing on all the good in the world and the small things to appreciate. 

Ocean Eyes (Billie Eilish)

Unfortunately, there are not that many songs by Billie that are child-appropriate. But the artist’s debut song is one of the ‘clean’ tunes that can be nailed by a young singer with beautiful vocals.

Smile (Katy Perry)

Critics like to compare Smile to Katy’s Roar as it is an empowering tune that fills you with energizing hopefulness (exactly what you need after a long day at school).

Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)

Every time you put this song on, the children will get excited to ‘shake it off’ and hit the notes.

Hint: you can make singing this song a Friday tradition!

Aaron’s Party (Come Get it) (Aaron Carter)

Back in the day, Aaron made guest appearances on Nickelodeon. This song is the artist’s only pop hit to date in the States, but it’s still a cool song that the kids can rap along to. 

Cheap Thrills (Sia)

You wouldn’t want your kid to be singing about nights out, but the chorus of this bouncy song is pretty much irresistible and easy for kids to sing. 

Try Everything (Shakira)

The chances are high that your kids have already been singing along to this song if they had seen Zootopia. If not, then watch the movie together and get the lyrics ready – this tune is a real crowd-pleaser. 

Price Tag (Jessie J)

A great option for the young ones that also love dancing along with singing. This head-nodder features a sing-along chorus with powerful vocals.

Pompeii (Bastille)

In 2014, Pompeii became the UK’s most-streamed single of all time. The song plays on a fictional conversation between two victims of the eruption. What’s better than a catchy song that can lead to an exciting history lesson?

Fireflies (Owl City)

This is a great song for the little dreamers; everything about this song is a bit fairy-like. By the way, be sure to not only sing along with your little one, but also watch the music video in which toys come to life.

Y.M.C.A. (The Village People)

If you’re looking for a song that you can shout out together with your kids and have an incredible time, then this is the one.

Stereo Hearts (Gym Class Heroes)

This head-nodding jam features an irresistible hook performed by Adam Levine and a great rap part – perfect for the kids who want to experiment in different genres. 

Never Grow Up (Taylor Swift)

If the youngsters don’t really know how they feel about growing up, they can sing together with Taylor and try to figure these things out.

How Far I’ll Go (Moana)

The best part about Disney songs (and this one from Moana in particular) is that they are available in dozens of languages. You can learn the song in English together with your kid and then try to memorize another version. Learning can be fun after all!

Shotgun (George Ezra)

The song became quintuple platinum in the UK. It’s a wonderful opportunity for young singers to experiment with their range, going from smooth low notes to and fun high notes.

Lazy Song (Bruno Mars)

How about turning singing this song on the weekends into a tradition? We bet your kid would love the idea!

ABC (The Jackson 5)

Some classics just never get old. Moreover, this is a great song to exercise the vocals (though it might seem a little challenging at first).

Music Is In Everything (Ziggy Marley)

Did you know that Ziggy actually came out with a kids album? This is our favorite tune from the bunch.

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) (Kelly Clarkson)

If you are looking for a pop song that explodes closer to the chorus, then this is your jam. We are sure that your kid will try to put all their heart into this upbeat dance-pop number.

Cups (Anna Kendrick)

Once your child has learned the lyrics, try mastering the actual cup part. If you succeed, you’ll have an incredible ready-to-use, jaw-dropping performance.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this list of child-friendly pop bangers has spoiled you for choice when it comes to your young pop star’s next sing-along session! If you enjoyed this article, why not check out our ultimate list of karaoke songs for kids next?

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