10 Singers Who Don’t Use Autotune (& Why They Choose Not To)

Have you ever wondered which singers don’t use autotune?

Here’s the deal:

In the modern day music industry, the vast majority of singers will use autotune on both their recorded music and within their live performances (as you can probably tell).

However, you might be surprised to learn that some of the most well-known pop stars today actually don’t use autotune within certain facets of their career.

Wondering who that could be? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a list of the top 10 singers who don’t use autotune, along with a short blurb on why they’ve chosen to go all-natural:

1. Pink

In 2017, Pink recorded her hit song Barbies.

During the post-production stage, her vocal producer asked the engineer to turn off the autotune and was blown away by the results. 

Pink never needed to use autotune from day one, and she doesn’t need it now.

She’s often spoken about the old days when even in the studio, she didn’t need to use autotune. In one particular interview, she spoke of her first album and how all she needed was a piano player, her songs, and her voice.

2. Celine Dion

Celine Dion didn’t use autotune on her hit song My Heart Will Go On, nor does she use it during her live performances. 

Celine has performed for crowds many times without needing to hide behind autotune, proving again and again that (along with her beauty), her voice will never age.

She’s as pure as they come and has a brilliant set of vocals on her that most pop singers can only dream of.

When asked how she does it, she says that she sings from her heart:

3. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is as old fashioned as they come when it comes to performance.

Not only does he not feel the need to use autotune during his live shows, but this superstar writes his own songs and plays a mean piano.

Bruno attributes his fame to the hard work he’s put into his music throughout his whole life. The idea of anyone thinking otherwise is upsetting to him.

On a similar note, viewers once accused Bruno of lip-syncing on The X Factor, and he responded by stating that no-one will ever know how hard he and his crew rehearse.

He’s proud of his abilities and doesn’t feel the need to hide behind anything:

4. Ariana Grande

Ariana has never needed to hide behind pre-recorded vocal tracks or autotune to get the attention of her adoring fans.

From occasional snippets of vocals in the Nickelodeon show Victorious to her sudden jump into the limelight, Ariana has never disappointed.

The high-on-life queen of pop is ruling the world of music with her unique ability to hit those high notes without any technological help.

When a fan accused her on Instagram of using autotune in a recent live performance, she responded as sassily as ever: 

5. Alicia Keys

Alicia broke into the mainstream with pop-perfection classics such as Fallin and If I Ain’t Got You.

However, you might be interested to learn that she doesn’t use autotune in her live performances. 

So, why doesn’t Alicia use autotune?

She doesn’t need it. She proved from a very young age that she had what it takes, and although starting as the underdog, she got to where she is today because of her natural talents.

On many occasions, Alicia has stated that she’s never “faked” a performance and never will. She’s worked hard her whole life to get where she is today:

6. Adam Lambert

The world has always loved Adam’s voice because of its natural beauty and sound.

He may not have been the winner on the 8th season of American Idol, but he was sure able to lock down his claim to fame after his involvement in the show.

Oh, and isn’t interested in autotune. 

In an interview with The Dead Hub, he stated that he doesn’t judge anyone who uses autotune, but that it just isn’t for him. Furthermore,  he doesn’t plan on lip-syncing anytime soon:

“I think at the end of the day, whatever they need to do to make the song sound good is what it is about for them….I am not really fond of autotune abuse, but it’s a style and it’s cool and it’s catchy” – Adam Lambert


7. Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes found his way into the music world simply by uploading his natural, unedited songs to social media when he was only 16 years old.

He doesn’t need the help of autotune to pass himself off as a gifted vocalist. He was discovered all-natural, and that’s the reputation he wants to uphold. He feels his music connects with people just the way it is.

When asked about his voice and queried about his use of autotune, he’s stated that autotune can be fun to play with, but he would never manipulate his voice while playing for a crowd:

8. Kelly Clarkson

Another beautiful voice found though the hit TV show American Idol.

Clarkson had what it took to make it big before she even stepped on stage. Autotune didn’t help her through the early audition phases of the show, nor did it help her win the competition. 

However, this wasn’t always the case for the young pop star:

Kelly has spoken about the old days when she first got her foot in the door and used autotune. She regrets her use of the effect, explaining that it isn’t a true representation of her artistry:

9. Beyoncé

Beyoncé. Need we say more?

This diva doesn’t need anything standing in her way or enhancing the already-amazing vocal abilities she’s blessed with. 

She can belt out a hit song in her shower, and you will hear that same voice at her next show. 

The singer spoke candidly on her use (or lack thereof) of autotune, letting the world know that while she may play around with the equipment, her performances are all-natural.

Beyoncé has never let the critics get to her, but does point out at times that she has worked hard to get where she is.

When it comes to her live performances, she doesn’t have to fake it to make it sound fabulous:

10. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift not only plays a mean guitar, but she’s got the vocal abilities to back it up.

She had what it takes to get into the music business from a very young age, using that talent to perform around the world. Having sold over 200 million records worldwide over the course of her career, she’s one of most commercially successful artists of all time. 

Although she may use autotune on her recorded music, she’s adamant that using autotune in a live setting is a no-go. 

She has spoken out on many occasions on the issue of live autotune use, promising fans she has never used the technology while performing live. 

Closing Thoughts

Although the modern day music industry appears rife with autotune, there are still plenty of well-known pop stars bucking the all-natural trend.

If you’d like to learn more about the motives behind autotune use, why not check out our article on why singers use autotune next?

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