Indie Panda is a newly-established music blog and writing service. We operate a weekly playlist of unsigned acts, review the work of independent musicians and release daily video content geared towards practical advice for independent musicians.

We wanted to provide a platform for independent musicians to gain exposure, understand their marketability and learn how to advance their careers in today’s over-saturated music industry. Additionally, we wanted to provide an environment for budding music journalists to produce high-quality written content on fantastic new music with the chance of being compensated. The affordability of high-quality home recording equipment combined with the rise of the internet has been both a blessing and a curse for independent musicians and journalists alike; whilst it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to produce great music at home and showcase it to a global audience, the incredible surplus of music online has left musicians fighting for a chance to be heard. Additionally, many music blogs receive hundreds of review requests a week, resulting in a limited chance of the artists actually being featured. Consequently, musicians are often left with a limited understanding of their strengths and marketability and instead choose to spend their money on marketing tools such as sponsored social media ads, which are both expensive and ineffective when not properly targeted. In conjunction, aspiring music journalists are often expected to continuously produce high-quality written content without any form of compensation, which makes it difficult to break into the industry and can result in a lower-quality finished product due to the sheer volume of submissions.

We want to help both sides in every way we can; we believe all unsigned artists are entitled to free content and exposure, so we produce weekly advice articles and operate a rotating playlist for unsigned acts. In order to provide artists with content unique to them whilst simultaneously benefiting aspiring music journalists, we offer premium review content. Our premium content not only serves to inform independent music fans about the very best new music we’ve discovered, but also to provide an insightful critique to the artist themselves. As many artists may not have a clear understanding of how they should be marketing themselves, we use our reviews to identify an artist’s strongest points and overall identity as well as providing suggestions for improvement where necessary. We believe our content is effective in saving artists both time and money in the long run as their promotion campaigns, artistic image and musical output will be better targeted in future.



Artists can get featured on the blog by by sending us their music through our ‘Submissions’ page. We offer both standard and premium features:

Weekly Spotify Playlist (Standard – No Charge)

We’ll have a listen to your music and feature you on our weekly playlist if we like what we hear. Each playlist runs Monday-Monday and successful artists will be featured and contacted by email once the playlist goes live. Each playlist has a maximum of 15 artists in order to give everyone the best chance of being heard. Please understand that our playlist option is immensely popular and there may be a short wait before we’re able to feature you.

EP/Album Review & Critique (Premium – £25)

We’ll write up a professional endorsement (600-1000 words) of your EP or album (up to 15 tracks). This will include comments on the songwriting, production, genre, identity and chemistry. We’ll let you know what we feel your strongest attributes are and provide some ideas for development where necessary. All reviews feature album art, artist photos, social media links and an overall rating. Reviews remain on our site permanently and successful artists will be contacted by email and featured within 14 days of purchase.

Interview (Premium Add-on – £5)

In addition to your review/critique, we’ll add on five custom-tailored interview questions. These will not only allow you to add a personal touch to your feature, but will also get you thinking about your marketability and identity.



How come you offer premium content?

As well as the fact that we’re unable to cover our costs through ad revenue alone, we firmly believe in fairness and equality across the entire music industry. As a result, we’ve devised a reasonable pricing system in the best interests of both the artist and our writers. We constantly aim to keep our prices as artist-friendly as possible; a professional review and critique of your new album is comparable to the price of a round of drinks for the band after rehearsal. As independent musicians ourselves, we understand how hard you’ve worked on your music and the investment you’ve already made in creating it. However, leaving little to no budget for well-written press and promotion infrastructure often leads to limited results from the music you’ve worked so hard on.

Do you accept every submission you receive?

No. Whilst we listen to every submission we receive, we will only promote albums/artists we believe deserve a rating of 6/10 or higher. If you’ve requested a paid submission and we do not believe this is the case, we will respond to your request with a short explanation of why we haven’t accepted your submission (yes, we do do this!)

What genres do you accept?

Everything! So long as an artist is good at what they do, we believe they deserve to be reviewed and promoted.