Indie Panda is an all-encompassing resource for independent musicians. We provide actionable, no-nonsense advice on all areas of growing and developing a successful musical project. 


What Makes Us Different

Many music marketing ‘gurus’ want their audience to be reliant on the services they provide. This is usually achieved through a set of crash-and-burn marketing techniques, such as non-organic Spotify streams or expensive social media ads. We want our audience to develop total self-reliance through actionable advice and a well-optimized project. Instead of teaching you how to target your social social media ads, we’ll teach you how to develop a fully-formed project identity. Instead of selling you a flood of non-organic Spotify streams, we’ll teach you how to optimize your artist page and take advantage of algorithmic playlists. 


How We Can Help You

We offer: 

  • Free in-depth articles: We write free advice articles on a weekly basis. These cover all aspects of independent music, from efficient rehearsal to effective promotion.
  • A free weekly Spotify playlist: We run a popular weekly Spotify playlist, where we champion artists we love. Anyone can apply, regardless of their genre or geographical location. So long as we love what we hear, you’ll be featured. 
  • Digital products: We offer a range of digital products to help you grow & develop your project.