Free Spotify Playlist Submission

UPDATE: We are not currently accepting submissions for the weekly playlist. However, we’re running an exciting new project where we’re looking to promote independent songwriters & their musical projects (for free!) in a new staple piece of songwriting-based content for the site. Click here to learn more & apply to take part.

Looking to get playlisted as an artist? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Each week, we update our ‘Weekly Unsigned Playlist’ with submissions from new bands and artists we love. We’re open to all genres and locations; if we love what you’re doing, we’ll add you to the playlist.

Each version of the playlist is capped at 50 artists. Please be aware that the playlist receives a significant number of submissions each week and you may not be featured for several weeks. However, we can promise that your music will be listened to.

In accordance with GDPR, we only retain your personally identifiable information (name & email address) for as long as necessary to include you on the playlist. Your email address will never be used for any other purpose other than letting you know you’ve been featured on the playlist. For more information, visit our privacy policy

We would like to ask that you only submit one track at a time. Any artist who submits multiple tracks in one sitting will have their submissions removed.

You can apply for the playlist using the contact form below:

*Not currently accepting submissions*

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