60+ Funny Karaoke Songs For When You’re Drunk

Let’s be real:

Karaoke usually isn’t where you go to sing something super serious or poetic.

It’s somewhere where – regardless of your singing ability – you can have a great time singing along to some funny, well-known tracks with a few friends (and more than a few drinks).

In this article, our easy-going team of musos-slash-writers-slash-not-so-serious-karaoke-goers have put together an ultimate list of 60+ funny karaoke songs that we’re sure you and your friends will love.

This list includes both songs with comedic lyrics as well as tunes that are just plain funny to sing along to after a few drinks. Feel free to skim through and find the tracks that work for you!

The Songs

1. Drop It Like It’s Hot (Snoop Dogg)

When the beat drops on this classic, you’ll know exactly what song you’re listening to. It’s a great choice for karaoke night because it’s simple; you just keep repeating the same phrase over and over again (drop it like it’s hot)! 

2. U Can’t Touch This (MC Hammer)

MC Hammer is a solid choice for both young and old karaoke-goers. It has stood the test of time. With a funky beat and refrain, you won’t have to remember much besides “can’t touch this!”

3. I’m Too Sexy (Right Said Fred)

The very name of this song will make you blush and giggle as you prepare to sing it at the karaoke bar. Made famous by Right Said Fred, many have covered this song, including Alvin and the Chipmunks!

4. White & Nerdy (Weird Al Yankovic)

No karaoke night is complete without at least one Weird Al feature. White & Nerdy is one of his best parody hits from the 2000s, and it will be a real crowd-pleaser.

5. I’m on a Boat (The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain)

SNL-born group The Lonely Island has been making absurd comedic songs for two decades. Almost everyone has at least heard of “I’m on a Boat”, and it makes for a hilarious karaoke pick. 

6. Purple People Eater (Sheb Wooley)

This track is good for both a laugh and a Halloween party, if you will. It’s a bit of a tongue-twister with all the “p” sounds, but it makes for a fun sing-along.

7. Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-A-Lot)

It’s an added plus if you can sing this karaoke pick alongside its wacky music video. Baby Got Back is the quintessential karaoke song about none other than its title suggests…rear ends.

8. Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)

Ever since the internet re-made this song famous when the Rick-rolled memes came about, it’s become even more iconic. It’s a great funny karaoke pick sure to make the crowd laugh along with you. 

9. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

What karaoke night is complete without a little bit of Freddie Mercury, really? People have been singing this song in movies, TV shows, and everyday life for years. The lyrics are fun and infectious. 

10. Africa (Toto)

Did you know that this band had never actually been to Africa when they wrote this iconic hit? Either way, it’s been a classic since its conception in the 80s. Anyone in the karaoke audience will likely sing along. 

11. Stacy’s Mom (Fountains of Wayne)

This tune is slightly inappropriate but at the same time so absurd that you can’t not laugh when you hear it. Fans of karaoke will enjoy the simple and even lyrics to this hit.

12. Let’s Dance (David Bowie)

This David Bowie classic isn’t so much a funny song as it is a sure-fire way to get everyone to dance. You’ll be moving and grooving as you sing the namesake words. 

13. Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus)

A song about being a lame teenager…sung by grown men? It’s a classic karaoke pick for those millennials looking to remember the good old high school days. 

14. Shallow (Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper)

Although A Star Is Born is a serious film, when you start belting out this song drunk at a karaoke bar, it will become much funnier. Do you think you can hit those iconic Gaga notes?

15. Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey)

This famous rock jam is sure to get anyone fired up, whether you’re the one singing or just members of the audience. The lyrics aren’t too hard to keep up with either. 

16. All Star (Smash Mouth)

Made famous by the Shrek films and iconic in various parts of popular culture, All Star is a hilarious hit that is perfect for karaoke night anywhere. 

17. It’s Gonna Be Me (NSYNC)

We all recognize those Justin Timberlake ramen noodle locks. Well, this song has become a facet of meme culture for its pronunciation of the word “me”, and singing it at karaoke night is just as funny. 

18. I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)

Let’s face it, any boy band hit is going to make for a great karaoke night song. And the Backstreet Boys are up there on the list of famous boy bands worldwide. 

19. Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani)

Everyone knows those famous lyrics, but they aren’t that hard to recognize considering they get spelled out in the song! This song is bananas, seriously!

20. Good as Hell (Lizzo)

While Lizzo is relatively new to the song world, she’s quickly made her mark with songs like this one. It’s a feel-good song through and through – one to make you laugh with joy.

21. Hit Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)

Singing a Britney hit is totally topical in today’s times, and this hit is one of her most classic. You’ll get laughs and cheers from all her oldest fans. 

22. Wannabe (The Spice Girls)

This song will have you asking everyone in the crowd as fast as you can if they wanna be your lover! It doesn’t get more cheeky than that. 

23. The Llama Song (GoNoodle and Moose Tube)

Simply put, it’s a kooky song about different types of llamas, among other animals. There isn’t much logic to it, just a lot of fun and a silly beat. 

24. Dance Monkey (Tones and I)

Tones and I is a radio sensation these days. These are always great picks for karaoke night. If everyone else knows the words, you won’t have to try so hard to entertain. 

25. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cindi Lauper)

People of all ages can get behind this classic pop hit! Brownie points if you sing karaoke to it after a few drinks and really belt it out. 

26. Mr. Brightside (The Killers)

Just for its sheer iconic nature, you’ll win over the karaoke bar with this song. With its sharp lyrics and quick delivery, Mr. Brightside is a great karaoke pick. 

27. Constipated (Weird Al Yankovic)

Another Weird Al fan favorite, Constipated is the silliest take on Avril Lavigne’s classic hit Complicated. You’ll make the crowd go wild in laughter!

28. Mambo No. 5 (Lou Bega)

Referenced all over pop culture (including the TV show The Office), this song has been making people’s ringtones for decades. It’s stupid, funny, and perfect for karaoke. 

29. Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)

This might have been a serious song when it was first made, but over the years, it’s become a classic song for drunk people to sing to. This makes it great for karaoke night. 

30. Sk8ter Boi (Avril Lavigne)

Nothing screams the 2000s golden days like Avril Lavigne. For the nostalgia of this song alone, people will want to sing karaoke to it along with you. 

31. Let It Go (Idina Menzel | Frozen)

Even children love this famous Disney number. Let It Go is a good comedic karaoke pick since belting those notes is no easy task. Just trying to sing along will get a laugh going.

32. Dancing Queen (Abba)

This is just an all-around feel-good song for listeners and karaoke singers alike. Abba brought some great hits in their time, and this is one of them. 

33. Lazy Sunday (The Lonely Island)

The Lonely Island and Chris Parnell first made this popular on SNL, so it’s no wonder that it makes for a hilarious karaoke hit. 

34. Amish Paradise (Weird Al Yankovic)

This kooky, parody take on Gangster’s Paradise just has no explanation whatsoever. And perhaps that’s why it’s so great for a funny karaoke song pick. 

35. Whip It (Devo)

These lyrics are so easy to follow along with, and you can’t help but smile or laugh when hearing and singing them. Whip It is a classic karaoke hit. 

36. Life is a Highway (Rascal Flatts)

Whether you know it from pop culture or from the movie Cars, people love to belt out this song. Sing it at a karaoke bar and you might just make a friend or two. 

37. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (Elmo ; Patsy)

This is a comical karaoke pick, and even more so if you’re at the karaoke bar during the Christmas season!

38. Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus)

Teens and millennials alike will enjoy the performance of this Miley hit on karaoke night. Belting it out will be fun enough to laugh over, even if you don’t get the notes right. 

39. You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette)

This is a heartfelt belter of a song that is great for a few karaoke laughs. And if you need proof, just look to TV shows like The Office, where characters have tried it out in good humor.

40. Say My Name (Destiny’s Child)

Although this is a song about heartbreak and cheating, anyone singing this song drunk at karaoke night is sure to get some laughs because almost everyone can relate!

41. This Is How We Do It (Montell Jordan)

If you hear the title of this song, chances are that you also know the words. It has a fun beat and kicks things back old-school style. Heartfelt laughter will bring you back to the old days. 

42. Tubthumping (Chumbawamba)

When you go to pick a song for karaoke, the name of this song and the artist alone may just make you giggle. Have fun yelling along!

43. All the Small Things (Blink-182)

You can hear the melody in your head already, can’t you? It’s a crowd-pleaser and a reminder of the 2000s, which is enough to make most people laugh in and of itself. 

44. The Real Slim Shady (Eminem)

Talk about a funny rap to try your hand at. Eminem’s classic song is more of a talk-rap, which means it’s easy enough to try at karaoke night. 

45. No Scrubs (TLC)

Girl groups and boy bands remind us of simpler times, so singing karaoke to them is as light as it gets. You’ll be smiling and laughing through this song.

46. Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson)

Plenty have tried to master this classic in their American Idol auditions and sadly but hilariously failed. Will you take your chances at karaoke night?

47. Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (Eurythmics)

This slightly robotic pop song is iconic, and if you remember watching a character on the TV show Parks and Recreation perform it, then you’ll know just how funny it can be.  

48. Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)

You’ll either steal the show or make a fool of yourself. Either way, you’re sure to get some laughs and crack some smiles at one of the most famous pop songs of this era.

49. Old Town Road (Lil Nas X)

No one can forget the iconic music video of Lil Nas X riding a horse through an old western town. Will you recreate it to perfection or bring the crowd to roaring laughter?

50. Islands in the Stream (Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton)

This country song can be either sweet or completely awkward. Duet this hit with someone you aren’t romantically involved with, and you’re sure to get some laughs going. 

51. Ice, Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice)

You are sure to turn some heads when you throw on this song for karaoke. Ice, Ice Baby is a timeless rap/pop hit that is too silly not to laugh at. 

52. Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)

Pair this karaoke song with its music video, attempt to do some of Miley’s signature dance moves, and you’ll have the karaoke crowd giggling in no time. 

53. Creep (Radiohead)

You may not be a creep, but people won’t take you seriously if you sing this song at karaoke. The best you can do is ironically choose it and hope people get the joke…

54. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Wham!)

Since most of the lyrics are just “jitterbug’ and “boom”, you won’t have too hard of a time singing along, even if you’re drunk. 

55. Wagon Wheel (Darius Rucker)

This song will have you rockin’ and movin’. It’s more than likely that the karaoke crowd will be itching to sing along to this one.

56. Rehab (Amy Winehouse)

Anyone can try to sing at karaoke night, but not everyone can do it well. Most people can’t match Winehouse’s talent, so this karaoke pick is sure to make you laugh in your attempt.

57. Jenny (Tommy Tutone)

Do you know the lyrics to this one? Chances are you do. Does “8-6-7-5-3-0-9” ring a bell? The middle-agers will get a kick out of this karaoke selection. 

58. YMCA (Village People)

If you want to pick a song that everyone knows and that everyone can join in on, this one is great. With built-in dance moves, this is one of the funniest karaoke songs you can choose. 

59. Push It (Salt-N-Pepa)

With that funky baseline and whispered “push it”, this song can’t help but make most people laugh. 

60. We Are Family (Sister Sledge)

Finally, you won’t want to miss out on this karaoke hit. It’s a great choice for group karaoke, that you and your friends can laugh along to. 

Closing Thoughts

We hope this list has armed you with plenty of comedic karaoke bangers for your next karaoke night! If you’re a self-confessed bad karaoke singer, why not check out our list of karaoke songs for bad singers next?

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