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25+ Best Radio Stations For Rap | Rap Radio Stations

Looking for a no-nonsense list of the best radio stations for rap music?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Rap and hip hop serve as the most popular genres of music in the United States, scooping up almost a third of all streams according to Billboard.

However, despite rap’s ever-surging popularity, it can be tough to scout out the best rap radio stations (amongst the sea of pop and ‘butt-rock’ that the radio is most-commonly associated with).

To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled this all-encompassing list of our favorite rap radio stations, including a summary of what they play, when they play it and how to tune in:

1. Streetz 94.5 FM

Type Of Station: Local FM and Online
For Fans Of: Hip Hop

 Streetz 94.5 has been serving up the best of modern urban hip hop from a local platter.  Atlanta, Georgia is the station’s home base, but all the feedback on shows a lot of love coming in from around the world. 

The station designation, W233BF, has seen its share of swapping hands. Once branded as Streetz 94.5, the station has tried to be that place to go for everyone who wants rap but doesn’t want what everyone is already playing.

Besides urban contemporary rap, Streetz has tried to serve up plenty of local artists and is notably less mainstream than other neighboring stations. 

How to listen: If you’re in Atlanta, tune in through 94.5 FM. If you’re anywhere else, head over to

2. Hot 97 97.1 FM WQHT-FM – New York, New York

Type Of Station: Local/Online
For Fans Of: Hip-Hop, Urban Contemporary

Hot 97 claims to be the world’s first all hip hop station. It’s proud to be the go-to station for trendsetters and influencers and the whole spectrum of people you find living in New York City.

They state that their station (and the cluster of stations that they belong to) reflect the diversity, culture, and attitudes of the city they call home. 

They’re small enough to be nimble in serving their listeners, but big enough to have outstanding brands and programs that won’t be found anywhere else. Given the way their presence spans Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and multiple radio software programs, it’s a safe bet they’re right. 

 How to listen: will get you listening in no time. Or if you’re in New York City, buzz in to 97.1 FM. 

3. Power 105.1, WWPR-FM

Type Of Station: Online/Local
For Fans Of: Urban Contemporary, Hip-Hop, RnB 

Power 105.1 is a station owned by iHeart Media, so it comes as no surprise that the station has a wide listener base online as well as on the local level.

Besides the healthy variety of hip hop, RnB, and urban contemporary rap, the station boasts several popular shows that can also be accessed as podcasts. 

The Breakfast Club is the most popular show on the station, and it’s been hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God since 2010. It’s considered “The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show.” 

Power 105.1 broadcasts to the entire New York metro area. 

How to listen: 105.1 FM if you’re listening on the local level, or visit, or search for the station through the iHeart Radio app.

4. “Power 106” 105.9 FM

Type Of Station: Local/Online
For Fans Of: Hip Hop, Urban Contemporary 

The media group that owns Power 106, Meruelo Media, was established in 1986 and has the unique claim to being the largest minority-owned media company in Southern California. 

The station’s tagline is “Where Hip-Hop Lives,” and given the videos they have that feature their DJ’s speaking directly to Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and a host of other heavy-hitters, their name isn’t an overstatement. 

They broadcast to the greater Los Angeles area. 

 How to listen: You can listen locally at 105.9 FM or visit

5. KBXX 97.9 The Box

Type Of Station: Local/Online/Nationwide
For Fans Of: Hip Hop, RnB

The Box keeps the heat in Houston, Texas. You get much more than just music when you visit their website and see what they’ve got going. 

Their website highlights the interactive element between the station and their listeners. You don’t just tune in with your ears; you tune in with your hands and your voice. 

The Box is currently the only hip hop/RnB station in the Greater Houston area. The morning show has been hosted by Madd Hatta since March, 2001. (though he’s been on 97.9 The Box since 1995, starting off in Afternoons before making the switch to mornings).

They tout the interesting slogan of “Interactive Hip-Hop and RnB.”

How to listen: They have their own radio app on Google Play. Alternatively, you can listen in on their website

6. Hot 107.9 Atlanta

Type Of Station: Local/Online
For Fans Of: Hip Hop

Atlanta gets its good thumpin’-bumpin’ tunes from Hot 107.9, a station licensed to Hampton, GA and serving the Atlanta metropolitan area. 

Listeners can start their day with the syndicated “Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Then comes Reec in middays, Mz. Shyneka in the afternoon, the Durtty Boyz Show with Stuey Rock and DJ Kash each evening and Erin Rae Overnight. 

The station has the bragging rights to launching several rap careers, not the least of which is Ludacris when he was known as the on-air personality “Chris Lova Lova.”

The station also served as the launch pad for VJs La La Anthony and K.K. Holiday. 

How to listen: If you’re local, you can tune in at 107.9 FM. Alternatively, you can visit

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7. V-103, The People’s Station

Type Of Station: Local/Online

For Fans Of: Hip-Hop, Urban Contemporary

Owned by Audacy and CBS by extension, V-103 has gone on to be among the highest rated radio stations in the Atlanta radio market, reaching #1 positions in some cases. 

Besides the music, the website is an extensive news source for rap and hip hop-related topics, including a few things that might have been flying under the radar. 

How to listen: Download the Audacy app, use one of the online options at, or ask your smart speaker to play vee-one-oh-three

8. Wild 94.9, The Bay’s #1 Hit Music Station

Type Of Station: Local/Online
For Fans Of: Hip-Hop, Urban, Pop, Top 40

Wild 94.9 is a mix of hard-hitting rap music and urban classics, if not sometimes controversial radio shows. Other shows have been just as beloved as the playlists, including The JV Show and its crew, such as JV himself, Selena, Graham, Natasha, and more.

The station has had some stiff competition from similar local stations, so they’ve never completely shed the Top 40 format. 

How to listen: You can find Wild 94.9 on the iHeart Radio app or you can visit 

9. 102.1 FM “The Hip Hop Station.”

Type Of Station: Local/Online
For Fans Of: Hip Hop

Owned by Audacy, 102.1 FM has something for everyone whether they’re listening at home in Greensboro, NC or if they’re tuning in online. Their playlists are heavily hip hop-focused.

Personalities that have been through the station are not unknown, with names like Madd Hatta, Terrence J who was a former co-anchor of E! News and former host of BET’s 106 Park. 

The late Tre Black (who was known as Tre Bien when he worked at 102.1), went on to great success before an untimely death. 

102.1 has certainly had its share of hip hop history. 

How to listen: Other than the local frequency of 102.1 FM, you can listen in at and also ask your smart speaker to play one-oh-two-jams.

10. 106 KMEL “San Francisco’s Home for Hip Hop and RnB.”

Type Of Station: Local/Online
For Fans Of: Hip Hop, RnB

KMEL is sitting pretty as one of the highest-rated stations for rap in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have bragging rights to establishing the careers of many artists, including Mariah Cary, En Vogue, Tupac Shakur, Digital Underground, MC Hammer, Queen Latifah, Boyz II Men and many others. 

More than a few popular Bay Area and national media personalities either got their start or spent time working at KMEL. This list includes Alex Bennett, Howard Hoffman, Rick Chase, The Baka Boyz, Renel Brooks-Moon, and J. Paul Emerson. 

How to listen: Listen in at or listen locally at 106.1 FM. 


Type Of Station: Online
For Fans Of: Old School Rap and Hip Hop

BIGFM delivers rap and hip hop with a strong groove angle. They don’t just want you to repazzent, they want you to have a good feeling in your heart while doing it.

Their playlists are specially selected for that feel-good vibe that some stations can’t quite deliver on. 

The station is centralized in Germany of all places, and they have several regional outlets including the US. 

Music aside, there are some great talk shows that focus on young people’s issues and stories, so you can get your fill of interesting culture and insight alongside your tunage. This positions BIGFM as a rap-based radio station like no other. 

How to listen: Listen in through the app

12. One Love Hip Hop Radio

Type Of Station: Online
For Fans Of: Pop, Classic Rap, Hip Hop

The name One Love isn’t just to fill in a blank on an online profile. There really is a healthy energy for love of rap and hip hop music that’s palpable in the station’s online presence.

They keep a keen eye on the rap scene so that the legends of yesterday don’t slip through the cracks, but also so that fresh up-and-comers aren’t ignored. 

Initiative, success and trends are what they keep their searchlights looking out for. The music they deliver tells us that they’re having success in their search. 

How to listen: Visit online at

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13. Cadillacc Music

Type Of Station: Online
For Fans Of: RnB, Old School Rap, Hip Hop

A radio station that’s presented by Snoop Dogg himself under the pseudonym DJ Snoopadelic has got to be good. 

There’s some RnB here, but it’s mostly RnG – Rhythm and Gangsta. With Snoop’s ears doing the curating of the playlists, there’s only one thing to do, and that’s roll down the windows of the Caddy and let the world know what you’re listening to. 

How to listen: Visit online at

14. K104 – 104.5

Type Of Station: Local/Online
For Fans Of: Classic Rap, Hip-Hop, Soul

Rap and soul music lovers in Dallas and Ft. Worth, TX have been getting their fix from K104 for a long time.

Its long-time morning drive show, Skip Murphy and the Home Team, was ranked number 1 during the morning drive time slot for nearly a decade. Over the last few years, several popular personalities on the show, such as comedian Nannette Lee and Wig, have moved on.

How to listen: Listen to them locally at 104.5 FM or listen in online at

15. Doggystyle

Type Of Station: Online
For Fans Of: West Coast Rap, Hip-Hop

West Coast music with the flavor of yesteryear is experiencing a renaissance thanks to Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle Radio on Dash Radio. 

The label goes all the way back to 1995, when it originally debuted as Dogghouse. It’s a solid way of getting older music along with its younger influences in front of audiences that listen using the internet. 

Artists include T.LEE, Snoop Dogg, Millbeatz, Young Sagg, Clay James, Brielle Marie, SD the Emcee and many more. 

How to listen: Visit

16. KJLH Radio

Type Of Station: Local/Online
For Fans Of: Soul, Urban, Adult Contemporary

More than just a station designation, KJLH stands for Kindness, Joy, Love and Happiness. Serving the Los Angeles area, the station brings a variety of music focused largely on RnB and classic soul music with the occasional mixes of hip hop, gospel and smooth jazz.

The station is owned through extension by Stevie Wonder as part of Taxi Productions. 

How to listen: 102.3 FM if you’re in the Los Angeles area, or you can listen in on

17. Dilemaradio

Type Of Station: Online
For Fans Of: RnB, Trap, Underground

At first, the name sounds like the phonetic slang-vernacular of dial my radio, but the name’s origin is even more inventive than that. In the Spanish language, the word for dilemma only has one ‘m’, so the station has a strongly Spanish edge. 

Dilemaradio has actually relocated HQ to Spain with the mission to bring hip hop music to Europe. 

Having started as a modest name on the streets, the station has – and still – subscribes to judging musicians by their quality and not by their commercial merit.

Listeners will hear a “popular” song only on occasion. The focus stays largely on obscure and underrated artists. 

How to listen: Find them online at

18. 97.9 The Beat

Type Of Station: Local/Online
For Fans Of: Hip-Hop, Adult Contemporary

Licensed to Dallas and Fort Worth, KBFB is owned by Urban One. The station faced some stiff competition in the urban contemporary scene until the competing stations gradually flipped to different forms of music. 

It used to feature the Rickey Smiley Show and then switched to The Morning Hustle. 

The station tells potential advertisers that they know the culture because they are the culture. 

How to listen: will allow you to listen online, or you can tune in locally to 97.9 FM. 

'on air' sign

19. Dirty South Radio

Type Of Station: Online
For Fans Of: Southern Hip Hop, Urban

Dirty South Radio is very much south and very much dirty, broadcasting from ground zero: Washington, DC.

Providing the soundtrack to the daily war of living in today’s free world with hip hop 24 hours a day, in the city where history, war, and peace is made and broken minutes at a time. 

How to listen: Tune in online at

20. GotRadio

Type Of Station: Online, In-app
For Fans Of: Classic Rap, Hip Hop

GotRadio is an extensive network of online radio stations that play every sort of music under the sun. But their rap and hip hop stations are worth paying attention to. One app opens the doors to lots, and lots of music and you get the best flavors of each. 

How to listen: Download the GotRadio app. 

21. The Rap MIXX

Type Of Station: Online, In-app
For Fans Of: Old School Rap, Hip-Hop

A brilliant, brutal and beat-tastic mix of the best rap and hip hop music that won’t leave you sitting down for long. The MIXX is a comprehensive network of online radio stations that each specialize in a genre to a genius level. The Rap station on is not to be missed. 

How to listen: Visit

22. WDKX 103.9 FM

Type Of Station: Local, Online
For Fans Of: RnB, Hip-Hop, Soul

Hailing from Rochester, NY, WDKX brings a healthy spectrum of urban contemporary music to the neighborhood and to the world. The meaning of the name might escape you if you don’t do some digging. The “D” is in memory of Frederick Douglass, “K” for Martin Luther King Jr., and “X” for Malcolm X.

The station has a wide-ranging playlist, ranging from old school RnB and classic hip hop to emerging RnB and rap tunes. WDKX also plays some dancehall, afro beats, jazz, pop and dance music.

How to listen: If you’re in Rochester, NY, you can listen to 103.9 FM or you can go online to 

23. 98.2 The Beat L.A.

Type Of Station: Local, Online
For Fans Of: Classic Rap, Hip-Hop

Styngray, Kokane, Double K, 7 SOLO, and Megan Thee Stallion are just some of the names that explode onto the radio waves above Los Angeles through The Beat LA. The station is the brain child of DJ King Assassin, syndicated and broadcasting worldwide. 

How to listen: Tune your radio dials to 98.2 FM or go online to 

24. 181.FM The Beat

Type Of Station: Local, online
For Fans Of: RnB, Contemporary Rap, Hip Hop

Waynesboro, WV brings the area a genius mix of rap, hip hop, and RnB music. The names rolled out every day include 21 Savage, Trey Songz, Bad Bunny, Lil Tjay, Saweetie, and Childish Gambino, among others. 

How to listen: If you’re based outside of WV, you can listen over at

25. Hot 96.3

Type Of Station: Local, Online
For Fans Of: RnB, Hip Hop, Soul

Indianapolis gets its choice cuts of Rap and Soul from Hot 96.3. Killer awesome music aside, weekdays begin with the syndicated Angie Ange and The Morning Hustle Morning Show. The show is followed by local DJs. 

How to listen: Listen locally at 96.3 FM or visit the station online at

Closing Thoughts

No matter what style of rap you’re into, we’re sure you’ll come away from this article armed with a few great rap radio stations to check out, be it during your commute to work or an early morning gym session.

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