40+ Pop Songs For Mezzo Sopranos (Inc. Audition Songs!)

On the hunt for the ultimate list of pop songs for mezzo sopranos?

Well, here it is!

Known for being lush and resonant, the mezzo soprano range fits the pop genre like a glove. Not only does pop music sound great when sung by a mezzo soprano, but it also offers ample opportunity for you to show off your skills.

In this article, our team of music lovers have compiled this one-stop-shop hit list of pop songs for mezzo sopranos, arranged into categories and packed with useful information about each track.

These songs will work great for pretty much whatever you need them for, including:

  • Karaoke
  • Singing practice
  • Singing auditions
  • Singing lessons

Let’s dive in!

Best Pop Songs For Mezzo Sopranos

We won’t hide the goods; here’s our best-of-the-best picks when it comes to mezzo soprano pop bangers:

1. Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)

This was the introduction for many people to Amy Lee’s incredible voice. She had been in the music circuit for some time before this, but this was her moment when she really rocketed to national attention and racked up the radio playtime.

You know you were a child of the early 2000s if you keep coming back to the song.

2. Single Ladies (Beyoncé)

For all the frills and fantasy, pop music still reflects some of the pulse of the world and its sentiments. Something that certainly comes to the forefront is female empowerment.

This song by Beyoncé highlights that no woman should have to give priority to a man that treats her like an option. This song sometimes manages to be both subtle and forceful.

3. Havana (Camila Cabello)

All the elements of a good catchy pop song are in this melody, if you’ve got the voice for it, then you’ve got a shotgun shell of tunage that covers everything.

It’s fun to sing and it sticks in your head. 

4. She Works Hard For The Money (Donna Summer)

The song might get stuck on your head just by hearing the mentioning of it. The steady rhythm and cyclical lyrics make it easy to pick up and memorize.

There’s a reason why this song is still in popular consciousness and continues to have a place on top 40 stations.

5. Runaway (Janet Jackson)

This song is playfully informal with Janet Jackson’s off to the side of the mic commentary. Her voice stays in a manageable range for anyone that wants to sing the song along with her.

6. I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts)

This is the perfect opportunity for a mezzo soprano to flex any ability they might have with vocal fry.

Joan Jett’s voice stays within range, but delivers some of the sweetest and meanest snarls in a popular rock song. 

7. Leave [Get Out] (JoJo)

You never really know when a song is autobiographical and when it isn’t. Part of a song’s earworm factor is how authentic it sounds.

According to, the song was written by four men, Alex Cantrall, Ken Karlin, Carsten Schack, and Philip White. Be that as it may, JoJo’s voice is powerful enough to make it sound personal.

8. Alejandro (Lady Gaga)

Considering Lady Gaga’s way with bursts of bizarre and surreal creativity, it comes as no surprise that this song Alejandro isn’t about anyone in particular, but steps more into the region of metaphor.

She said to consider the song as a goodbye to all her past boyfriends.

9. Like A Prayer (Madonna)

Never shying away from pushing people’s buttons in ways that could turn out both good and bad, Madonna wrote this song in such a way that your mind would go different places depending on what you were thinking about at the moment.

It seems to be a love song on the surface, but it’s actually about a young girl who is so in love with God that it’s almost as if he were the male figure in her life.

If you have suspicions about innuendo and double entendre in the song, you’re not being paranoid.

10. Just a Girl (No Doubt) 

Gwen Stefani was raised by a very strict father, and the song is a sarcastic tribute to that upbringing.

For some reason that sarcasm went over the heads of more than just a few listeners. So the song actually became a talking point among critics that got the point and those that didn’t at the same time.

Easy Pop Songs For Mezzo Sopranos

Just starting out on your singing journey? (or hitting the karaoke after one-too-many drinks?)

Here’s our choices for easy-singing mezzo soprano pop songs. They’re a little more limited in range and don’t feature too many bells and whistles:

1. Love You Like A Love Song (Selena Gomez)

Some songs almost seem to be too easy, but sometimes that’s what it takes to get singing.

This song by the lovely Selena Gomez doesn’t change pace a whole lot, and the lyrics are simple enough to memorize in a short span of time.

It’s so simple that it could probably be sung on a karaoke night when the alcohol is flowing rather strong. Miss Gomez did comment on the meaning of the song, saying that it was specifically aimed at the honeymoon phase of a relationship.

2. Left Outside Alone (Anastacia)

This song was an automatic must for the easy-to-sing list.

Pop singers are able to access the passion in their voices by venturing outside their vocal range. That’s good and well for the people that are trying to make money in the music industry, but not so good for the rest of us who just want something that’s easy to sing.

Miss Anastacia doesn’t climb the ladder too high, her voice stays down in the lower range, where the rest of us have an easy time keeping up.

3. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Aretha Franklin)

Sometimes you just need a classic.

Aretha Franklin’s voice brings this song into the range needed for mezzo sopranos to show them how it’s done.

Some people just might not be in love with popular tunes of the day, so you can spice things up by bringing an oldie but a goodie into the mix, like this one.

4. New Rules (Dua Lipa)

Besides just being fun to sing, the song is an interesting study for the people that care about the singers.

Dua Lipa commented that it was the breakup song she wish she had when she was actually going through a breakup.

Besides the general message of female empowerment, it also communicates that women should have each other’s backs in such difficult moments.

5. Only Time (Enya)

In an industry that’s full of erotica and over-eagerness, sometimes you need a pop tune that didn’t set out to become a pop tune.

Enya conveys the warmth and dependability of a strict but affectionate aunt with a broad view on life and the world. It’s all condensed into this song that’s captivated people through the top 40 stations for a while. 

6. Slow Clap (Gwen Stefani)

It’s easy to think of this song as an anthem about having confidence.

In fact, this song is also about hitting rock bottom and clawing your way back to the top. One of those tunes for the people who want something to think about and not just something to sing about.

7. Come Through (H.E.R.)

A good, slow RnB ballad that isn’t going to leave you behind without warning.

A nice little story comes with the tune, but there’s more said in the things that aren’t mentioned. It’s not explicitly stated if the two people talking to each other are lovers are not.

There’s a very strong implication that they miss each other. The story is packed into the things that you are left guessing about.

8. Spotlight (Jennifer Hudson)

Pop songs are intentionally written to be catchy and memorable since that translates into sales.

The tragedy is that there are some pop tunes that have a lot of genius crammed into them, but if the sound is the only thing that people hear, then the genius is missed.

The song may be easy to sing, but it also demands a lot of hard thought. The subtle wordplay and multifaceted comparisons of an unbalanced relationship to being in prison isn’t something that you can appreciate with one quick listen.

9. Too Little, Too Late (JoJo)

All the elements of a fun-to-sing pop song are here. Tame rhythm, acoustic guitar, and vocals that soar to the right height for the chorus.

10. Poker Face (Lady Gaga)

Up to the chorus, the song stays safely in Lady Gaga’s lower vocal range.

This not only makes it a memorable tune, but also makes it easy to pick up.

Upbeat Pop Songs For Mezzo Sopranos

Looking for something feel-good and fun? Here’s our carefully-curated list of upbeat pop bangers for mezzo sopranos:

1. Hand In My Pocket (Alanis Morissette)

It’s difficult to recommend some of Alanis Morissette songs, because of her ability to yodel while singing. However, the upbeat nature of this rather bittersweet song makes it a must for this list.

Alanis Morissette confesses that she can be a complicated person. She wrote the song while her producer was out of the room, jotting down all these dichotomies and dualisms that she can feel in a short space of time.

She said that if you ask her how she’s feeling, she thinks she’s feeling at least 16 different emotions at once. 

2. Wild Child (Enya)

There’s no mention of childhood in this song, but there’s something about the unbridled joy and wonder of childhood that permeates this song, and you’re bound to feel better after listening to it.

Imagine how you would feel after singing it!

3. I’m Coming Out/Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems (Gwen Stefani)

It can be agonizing waiting for a breakthrough.

Whether that’s waiting for circumstances to come together or waiting for us to finally get the courage to do what needs to be done. This song captures that moment when the courage-to-fear ratio is finally right.

4. Born This Way (Lady Gaga)

Joy, liberation, and relief are tightly packed into this song, and it all stems from one thing, self-acceptance.

If you’re carrying around a burden of guilt or self-loathing, singing this tune is a quick fix and an injection of some much-needed self-love.#

5. Party In The USA (Miley Cyrus)

This might have been a go-to song for many of us during the past few years.

Every time that we stop and tell ourselves that everything is going to be okay, it usually is. If you’re looking for an upbeat time, this song belongs on your karaoke list.

6. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston)

We don’t always associate longing with being uplifting, but the intensity of this song translates into lively movement, no matter how it’s based on passion, and maybe a little bit of frustration too.

7. Good Time (Carly Rae Jepsen)

Jepsen sang this song with Adam Young of owl city, and it just might be one of the most wholesome and bright songs to make it to the top of pop radio.

Some people who watch the video may even go so far as to call it bland, but in the world that is glutted with intensity, a little bland cheerfulness never hurt anyone.

8. Burning Gold (Christina Perri)

Personal empowerment is an increasingly popular theme, and in the first few seconds of this song, it might seem to be anything but upbeat.

But it reaches a crescendo of where enough is enough and frustration is transmuted into positive action. This belongs on your list of songs to sing when it’s time to take matters into your own hands and change your life for the better.

9. Survivor (Destiny’s Child)

Okay, it was a little tricky to include this on the upbeat list.

But sometimes being upbeat is more than just thinking happy thoughts. It’s also about holding a vision greater than oneself, which includes survival.

10. Rolling In The Deep (Adele)

This is another song that was iffy to include on the upbeat list.

However, the instrumental has a real driving nature behind it and it’ll lift you out of a slump, even if the theme of the song by itself is a little dour.

Pop Audition Songs For Mezzo Sopranos

Got an audition coming up? Not to fear! Here’s a selection of pop tunes that’ll ensure you nail it:

1. Extraordinary (Idina Menzel)

Is it the song of someone who is utterly devoted or someone who should be institutionalized for obsession?

Either way, it’s complicated enough to be a hit for an audition.

2. My Immortal (Evanescence)

The song is actually a staple for auditions.

The backing track is pretty sparse, allowing the vocal track to take center stage. It’s the perfect opportunity to flex your voice without it being eclipsed by the other instruments.

3. Queen of Swords (Idina Menzel)

There isn’t one part of the vocal range of mezzo soprano that this song doesn’t hit. 

If you’re looking for a pop banger that’ll really show off your mezzo soprano range, look no further.

4. Danny’s Song (Ann Murray)

This is a great slow country song that offers ample opportunity for you to show off what you’ve got to showcase. 

Given the more laid-back nature of this track, there’s room to throw in a few extra flairs of your own, such as melisma or a little extra vibrato.

5. Amazing Grace (Aretha Franklin)

Sometimes the best way to showcase talent is using a song that everybody knows by heart without realizing it.

Aretha Franklin’s voice makes this song an easy way to showcase one’s mezzo soprano talents.

6. Halo (Beyoncé)

The song has room for a lot of flex for this vocal range, while being slow enough for you to improvise and show off your flair. 

7. Liar (Camila Cabello)

This tune is catchy and intense with plenty of room to demonstrate real talent.

Impressing a judge these days almost always calls for playing a tune with a little bit of a Latin beat.

8. Same Old Love (Selena Gomez)

Using this song to audition would give a mezzo soprano singer two selling points:

One, their vocal range, and two, the ability to appreciate contemporary themes, not the least of which is female empowerment.

9. Don’t Start Now (Dua Lipa)

Break-up and revenge songs have become abundant, but they’re still a part of the pot landscape.

Including this song in an attempt to audition would show an appreciation for what’s still sells, while also highlighting one’s singing ability.

10. Not Another Love Song (Ella Mai)

Pop music is glutted with songs about love, so much so that a love song that would actually stand out can get lost in the noise.

Mai artist wanted to draw attention to that reality when writing this song. Her vocals drift and flutter like a butterfly, making this an excellent song for auditioning.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this list has spoiled you for choice when it comes to mezzo soprano pop songs! If you enjoyed this list, why not check out our list of pop songs for sopranos next?

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