40+ Awesome Pop Songs For Baritones

Looking for an epic list of baritone pop songs to sing along to?

Well, you’re in luck!

Although not quite as popular as the tenor range when it comes to the world of pop, there are a tonne of awesome baritone pop songs that span the entire history of the genre.

In this article, our team of musos have collated 40+ of the best pop songs for baritones, split into two categories:

  • Contemporary songs
  • Throwback songs

These songs will work for a singing practice, audition, or even just a fun night of karaoke.

Feel free to skim through the list and find the category you need, then cherry pick whichever tunes take your fancy!

Contemporary Pop Songs For Baritones

Looking for something modern? Here’s our ultimate breakdown of baritone pop songs that came out in the last decade or so:

What’s Next (Drake)

Drake is the perfect example of singing baritone and repeatedly topping the charts. ‘What’s Next’ quickly rose to the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 list and has remained a fan favorite since it was released in early 2021.  

Grow As We Go (Ben Platt)

If you want to sing about the difficulties relationships face, then ‘Grow As We Go’ by Ben Platt puts everything into perspective. It’s the perfect choice for a baritone singer who wants to show emotion while hitting all the notes in the range. 

Angels (Josh Groban)

One of the most famous baritone voices in the music industry belongs to Josh Groban. This cover of ‘Angels’ is a song that even the toughest heart can’t resist. It’s full of emotion and allows the singer to express their level of intensity when hitting the higher notes in the baritone range. 

Only Wanna Be With You (Post Malone)

Something you may not know about Post Malone is that he’s a baritone singer that loves Pokémon. In fact, he did a cover of ‘Only Wanna Be With You’ for the celebration of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary!  

Shape of You (Ed Sheeran)

Ed Sheeran wrote this song with Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid about falling head over heels in love with a girl he met at a bar. There’s been plenty of speculation about the truth behind the lyrics, but one thing’s for sure – it’s the perfect love song for baritones! 

Outta My Head (John Mayer)

If you love to play guitar and sing simultaneously, then John Mayer’s ‘Outta My Head’ is a great choice. Baritones always look for Mayer’s songs because they can easily hit the notes without worrying too much. 

Old Town Road (Lil Nas X)

Struggling with his family about his choice to drop out of school and focus on his music career, Lil Nas X decided to write this song to himself. It’s been an inspiration for many young people, especially baritone singers, making it a huge success.

Pretty Shining People (George Ezra)

George Ezra was inspired to pen this song after riding in a taxi and listening to the driver talk about America. He wanted these lyrics to positively impact the world around him and teach people about how love can make the world a better place.  

Falling (Harry Styles)

The song ‘Falling’ by Harry Styles is his 4th single from the album Fine Line. He recently revealed that the lyrics were about a dark time in his life when he realized that old habits were creeping back in.  

Lemon Pepper Freestyle (Drake) 

Drake partnered with the Wing Stop franchise owner, Rick Ross, to make this single extra juicy in terms of its lyrics. You’ll find lines about chicken seasoning, along with bragging rights to both of their lavish lifestyles. However, when it comes to baritone songs, this is one you won’t forget.  

Circles (Post Malone)

When Post Malone debuted this song at the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour in NYC back in the late summer of 2019, people were driven by the meaning behind the lyrics. However, the 39 weeks spent topping the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019-20 speaks for itself.  

Inside Friend (Leon Bridges & John Mayer)

This song was produced in 2018 by the singing duo, although not released until April of 2020. When the world plunged into the unknown, these two artists decided it was time to share a song that could help people get through the current situation. 

I Don’t Care (Ed Sheeran)

Ed Sheeran is probably one of the most popular baritone singers in the pop world today. In this song, he paired up with Justin Bieber because they both had just gotten married and wanted to write a song that explained how they felt about all the fame they were exposed to regularly.

Dear April (Frank Ocean)

Frank Ocean can write songs that leave people guessing for a very long time about the meaning of the lyrics. This song is no different; whether it’s about an ex-lover named April or the month itself, the tone and sound of the baritone song leave much to the imagination. 

Know Your Worth (Khalid)

Even though this song addresses a girl who is stuck in a toxic relationship, Khalid did collaborate with the British Duo, Disclosure, for this heart-wrenching performance. Khalid is known for his baritone voice, and you can easily hear it at its best during this song.

Laugh Now Cry Later (Drake)

Laugh Now Cry Later became Drake’s 21st song to top the Hip Hop songs chart, breaking the record for having the most number 1 songs on that list. He is famously known as a Toronto superstar with one of the most recognizable baritone voices in the pop music industry. 

Something’s Got To Give (Labrinth)

If you want a song that can move the crowd and get everybody dancing, you’ll want to sing ‘Something’s Got To Give’ by Labrinth. It’s both moving and motivating as it tells a story about working for something your whole life before it finally pays off.   

Shotgun (George Ezra)

If you’re looking for an upbeat song that rose to fame pretty quickly, then Shotgun by George Ezra is a perfect choice. It climbed to #1 on the UK singles chart in its 14th week and again six weeks later due to speculation over the opening word ‘well’ actually sounding like a burping sound!  

Closer (The Chainsmokers)

This song was written for all the people who had broken up with a lover and then tried to rekindle their relationship, only to remember why they split in the first place. However, it did spend 27 weeks in the top five of the Hot 100 list!   

Nice To Meet Ya (Niall Horan)

If you want to sing along with some different instruments than the contemporary pop world is used to, then choosing one of Niall Horan’s songs won’t disappoint. This song fits nicely within a baritone range and can be a real ice-breaker when trying to make an impression on a new love interest. 

Throwback Pop Songs For Baritones

Let’s be real:

The baritone range really shines when it comes to the throwback tunes. Here are our top picks for throwback baritone tracks:

Lean on Me (Bill Withers)

If you’re looking for popular older songs, then don’t rule out Bill Withers. The hit song ‘Lean on Me’ has been an inspiration for many people, including movies and commercials. It’s the perfect song for any baritone singer to add to their repitoire.  

Limit To Your Love (James Blake)

If you want to put your baritone vocals upfront, then choosing to sing James Blake’s ‘Limit to Your Love’ is just the right ticket. It’s a bold way to showcase your tone and allows any confident singer to shine in the spotlight. 

Walk On Water (Marc Cohn)

If you’re a baritone singer, then choosing Marc Cohn’s ‘Walk On Water’ will give you the perfect balance of fun and challenge. It tells a great story and can captivate an audience with its vocal flourishes. 

Holiday In Spain (Counting Crows)

This song became popular twice; once with its original release and then again when it was recorded as a duet with BLØF. Either way, it’s an excellent song for a baritone singer to practice to.

This Year’s Love (David Gray)

If you’re looking for a song inspired by a character in a movie, then David Gray’s ‘This Year’s Love’ is the ultimate choice since he both wrote and sang this song for his bar-singing character in the movie.

All You Need Is Love (The Beatles)

There are plenty of Beatles songs that baritones can sing, including the famous hit ‘All You Need Is Love.’ Keep in mind that songs sung by Lennon, Harrison, and Ringo were all baritone, so choose whatever Beatles tune you love the most! 

Lost (Michael Bublé)

If you’re looking for an emotional song that can pull on somebody’s heartstrings, then ‘Lost’ by Michael Bublé is a great choice. Written about his breakup from his former fiancée, he dives deep into his soul while singing this song.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Elton John)  

There isn’t a song more moving than Elton John’s ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight.’ Elton wasn’t always a baritone singer, but after undergoing vocal surgery in 1987, his tone changed. Some say it was a blessing in disguise since almost all of his music afterward became huge hits. 

Save Room (John Legend)

If you love singing John Legend songs, then ‘Save Room’ sits nicely in the baritone range. Featuring a mix of pop, swing and rock, the instrumental really gives way to the rich baritone vocals. It was written by himself along with and Jessyca Wilson.

Fly Me To The Moon (Frank Sinatra)

There was a time when Frank Sinatra ruled the baritone range and left the crowd begging for more. Like many of his other songs, this song became an instant success and had people belting out these lyrics at bars, parties, and special events! 

Don’t Stop The Music (Jamie Cullum)

If you don’t know who Jamie Cullum is, you might recognize his voice since it is one of the most unique sounding voices in the music industry. Some say he was born too late and should have been around when Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby dominated the music world. 

You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Lou Rawls)

If you’re looking for the perfect baritone love song to sing to your significant other, look no further! Lou Rawls knows precisely how to get to a person’s heart through his voice and lyrics. It’s full of timbre with a combination of low and bassy tones. 

Say You Won’t Let Go (James Arthur)

This is one of James Authur’s most popular songs and one of the most baritone-friendly pop tunes currently being sung worldwide. It has the perfect mix of lower registers and a little falsetto that complements even the most modest baritone. 

Someone to Fall Back On (Jason Robert Brown)

If you can sing in C major, then ‘Someone to Fall Back On’ by Jason Robert Brown is an excellent story-telling song that suits many baritones. It’s filled with energy, and it promotes character positivity.   

Human (Jon McLaughlin)

If you’re looking for the perfect baritone song to sing while playing the piano, then you should probably give ‘Human’ by Jon McLaughlin a try. When performed correctly, it can mesmerize an audience! 

Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley)

When you’re singing at a karaoke bar, you’ll quickly find Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes at the top of the list. It’s the perfect song for baritones who want to sing something a little faster-paced with a great beat. 

Yesterday (The Beatles) 

We like to believe that there isn’t a person out there that doesn’t know the lyrics to ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles. It’s been a fan favorite from the day it was released, and still to this day, you’ll find people singing this whenever given a chance.  

Your Song (Elton John)

Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ was chosen by Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time list and came in at #137. Once you start singing this tune, you’ll quickly understand why baritone’s love it so much and how it can be a real crowd-pleaser.  

The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra) 

There was a time when Frank Sinatra owned the stage, and everybody else just stood by and watched. It was songs like ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ that made him a famous baritone singing star!

Everything (Michael Bublé)

Micheal Bublé has lived through more ups and downs than most other singers, and when he writes a song, you know it comes straight from the heart. If you want a baritone song that speaks volumes, give ‘Everything’ a whirl. 

Closing Thoughts

We hope this list has provided more than a few great choices of baritone pop bangers! If you enjoyed this article, why not also check out our roundup of karaoke songs for low female voices?

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