40+ Pop Songs For Sopranos (Inc. Audition Songs!)

Looking for an all-encompassing list of pop songs in the soprano range that you can sing along to?

Well, you’ve found it!

The soprano range, known for being rich and agile, lends itself perfectly to the pop genre.

Not only can pop music be great for showing off your skills as a soprano, but it’s also a tonne of fun to sing!

In this article, our team of muso-nerds have collated 40+ of the best pop songs for sopranos, broken down into categories and packed with snippets of information about each track.

Feel free to jump around this list and find the category you need, then cherry pick whichever songs take your fancy!

Best Pop Songs for Sopranos 

We won’t bury the lead here. Here’s our best-of-the-best picks when it comes to pop songs in the soprano range:

Firework (Katy Perry)

In 2010 Katy Perry released her 3rd Album, Teenage Dream. While putting this album together, she co-wrote a hit single that quickly made its way to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

This tune is a feel-good song created to inspire others, sang with a beautifully-rich voice that’s oh-so-characteristic of the soprano range. 

Hopelessly Devoted to You (Olivia Newton-John)

The movie Grease may have been rereleased in 1978, but that doesn’t mean it stopped being loved by many still to this day.

A big reason this movie is still so popular is due to the catchy and relatable songs beautifully sang throughout it. Hopelessly Devoted to You is one of those songs.

Are You That Somebody? (Aaliyah)

The production of Are You That Somebody? in 1998 was the result of a rushed studio session, with the song only taking a few hours to complete. 

Aaliyah wasn’t completely sold on singing the song at first, but luckily, she changed her mind.  The song has been getting praise ever since. 

Girl on Fire (Alicia Keys)

Alicia Keys is known for her amazingly-agile soprano voice and fantastic piano playing skills.

So, in 2012 when she released Girl on Fire, no one was surprised at how quickly it made it to the top of the charts. 

Her children, husband, and happy life inspired the song, making it relatable to many women across the globe. It’s a great choice for sopranos, being powerful and catchy with a great message behind it. 

Where is the Love (Black Eyed Peas)

“Where is the Love” served as the Black Eyed Peas’ first venture into the pop genre.

It was released in 2003, but the recording started in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. This song was inspired by the anxiety and fear the band felt on that day. 

Halo (Beyoncé)

In 2009, Queen B released a beautiful song titled Halo, describing a woman who put up “walls” to protect herself.

Then, someone comes into her life and knocks those walls down by loving her and making her feel safe. The writers created the song to sound angelic, and Beyoncé’s voice was a perfect fit. 

Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)

The song Paparazzi was written by Lady Gaga and produced by Rob Fusari.

This song is a story about Gagas’ life and the difficulties she went through to get to where she is today, balancing life, love, and a career in the music industry. It’s situated at the higher end of the soprano range, with a wonderfully delicate and vibrant feel to the vocal track.

Frozen (Madonna)

For her 7th studio album, Madonna decided she wanted to record songs that represented her new perspective on life.

The lead single on that album, composed with a mid-tempo electronica ballad, was titled Frozen.

The song touches on hate, retaliation, revenge, regret and the coldness of an emotionless partner. 

You Belong with Me (Taylor Swift)

You Belong with Me, written and sang by Taylor Swift, is one of the bestselling singles worldwide.

Swift sings about a girl secretively in love with her best friend, knowing she loves and cares about him more than his girlfriend (but has no chance with him…relatable huh?)

The song was written after Taylor overheard her male friend arguing with his girlfriend over the phone:

In Case (Demi Lovato)

This track is a downbeat and a sad one, describing the feelings of someone who experienced a breakup but couldn’t let it go go. As a result, they keep belongings and memories in hopes of reconciliation.

This pop-soul song is one of the most emotionally-impactful in Lovato’s repertoire, with some fantastic belting sections within the soprano range. 

Easy Pop Songs for Sopranos 

Looking for something you can belt out in the shower (or on the way home from the bar) without too much hassle? Here’s our ultimate pick of easy pop songs for soprano vocalists:

Girl in the Mirror (Bebe Rexha)

Bebe Rexha’s Girl in the Mirror is a beautiful song, written with lyrics that depict a self-confident woman who doesn’t feel that she needs to look or act like anyone else.

She is happy with the reflection she sees every time she looks in the mirror. It’s a fun song to sing and delivers a great message.  

Complicated (Avril Lavigne)

When singing Complicated, you’ll feel like jumping and dancing just as Avril does in her video.

The Canadian singer and songwriter released this track in 2003, with it quickly hitting the top of the charts worldwide. 

The song is a pop-rock hit about two-faced people always being “so complicated”. 

Sometimes (Britney Spears)

Britney Spears had always impressed us with her incredible talent and beautiful voice, from her Micky Mouse Club beginnings right through to present day. 

One song that helped launched her career forward was Sometimes, released in 1999 on her debut album Baby One More Time. 

Almost Doesn’t Count  (Brandy)

Almost Doesn’t Count is a song about an on-again-off-again relationship experienced by a woman who finally realizes the relationship isn’t going to work. 

Brandy released this song in April of 1999 on her 2nd Studio album, Never Say Never. 

7-Rings (Ariana Grande)

It’s hard to miss the vocal talents shown by hip hop/pop artist Ariana Grande. Her voice has been closely compared to that of Mariah Carey and Céline Dion.

In her song 7-Rings, you’ll hear the impressive richness of the soprano range as she sings about money, fame, and having everything she could ever have asked for.  

I Think I’m In Love With You (Jessica Simpson)

I think I’m In Love With You was the 3rd single released from Jessica Simpson’s debut album, Sweet Kisses.

Although this song never made it to the number one spot on the Billboards, it hit #5 and stayed in the charts for a long time. 

We Belong Together (Mariah Carey)

Mariah Carey released her 10th album, The Emancipation of Mim, in 2005, with We Belong Together serving as the second single.

It ended up being a smash hit, hitting #1 on the Top 100 billboard for 14 weeks.

Some believe this song may have helped saved her career after losing popularity in the early 2000s. It’s a great showcase of Carey’s soprano voice, with a tight pop feel and a gentle delivery. 

My Heart Will Go On (Céline Dion)

Most widely recognized for its debut on the 1997 film Titanic (starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet), My Heart Will Go On instantly became a globally-recognised hit. 

Céline Dion impressed the world with her amazing soprano vocals and beautiful lyrics that helped set the mood for the incredible love story portrayed through the movie, touching the hearts of everyone who heard it. 

Toxic (Britney Spears)

Winning the award of Best Dance Recording at the 47th Grammy Awards, Britney Spears’s Toxic is an upbeat dance/techno-pop song with super-sassy lyrics.

This song is super catchy and fun, bringing different types of hip-hop flavors together in one perfect package. It’s a fun song to sing in the soprano range, while not being overly-taxing on the voice. 

Sorry Not Sorry (Demi Lovato)

“Sorry Not Sorry” was released in July of 2017 on Demi Lovato’s 6th album.

It was her lead single on the album that sent the message to all her critics. She is who she is, she’s made some mistakes, but she doesn’t owe anyone an apology. 

Upbeat Pop Songs for Sopranos 

Looking for something feel-good? Here’s our ultimate pick of upbeat soprano pop songs:

Love Story (Taylor Swift)

“Love Story” is a fun, upbeat track from Swift’s album of the same name, released in 2009. 

It was the perfect song that teenage girls could relate to, with catchy lyrics and an irresistibly-pop feel. A real-life Romeo and Juliet scenario turned into a 3 minute and 56-second sensation. 

Happy (Ashanti)

In 2002, Ashanti collaborated with Ja’ Rule, creating a song that would help bring her vocal talents to light. 

The resulting product, Happy, was released as the 2nd song on her self-titled album and quickly topped the charts all around the world.  

Break Free (Ariana Grande)

Break Free was Ariana Grande’s 7th single to sell over a million records, and helped her career reach new levels when it hit the Billboard top 10 at the same time as two of her other songs.

This made her the 2nd female singer in Billboard history to hold three hits simultaneously at the top of the charts. 

Heaven Is a Place on Earth (Belinda Carlisle)

Heaven Is A Place On Earth was released in September 1987, hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in December of the same year.

This song is Carlisle’s only #1 hit. However, it has never slowed in popularity. Heaven Is A Place On Earth has been covered by many artists and is irresistibly catchy. 

It’s also made a slew of appearances in TV shows and movies, making it an all-time classic. 

Love Don’t Cost A Thing (Jennifer Lopez)

Jennifer Lopez’s Love Don’t Cost A Thing is a pop/hip hop song that tells the story of how money can’t buy happiness or love, and how materialistic items don’t mean everything.

Lopez released this song on her 2nd studio album, J.Lo, in August 2000. 

Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus)

If you’re looking for the perfect dance party song to sing, Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” would be our #1 choice.

Following her father’s footsteps, Miley Cyrus has made quite the name for herself in the music industry. This song was released in 2009 and was certified seven times platinum. 

Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield)

Natasha Bedingfield released her debut album “Unwritten” in 2004.

The hit song listed #3 on that album was the title track, which hit the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it her first song ever to hit the top 10.

Shortly after, it became the theme song to the television series The Hills.

Don’t Stop The Music (Rihanna)

Don’t Stop The Music was released by Rihanna in 2007 on her 3rd studio album Good Girls Gone Bad.

This is a popular song at dance parties and clubs thanks to its upbeat tempo and rhythmic style.

The track hit #1 in 9 different countries and on the US Billboard Dance club Song Charts.  

I’m Every Woman (Whitney Houston)

Whitney Houston came out with her first solo studio album, Chaka, in 1978. I’m Every Woman became her first solo hit outside of her band, Rufus.

It’s an empowering song for women and was one of many sang by Whitney in the Movie The Bodyguard in 1992. 

Domino (Jessie J)

Jessie J held a chief role in writing her hit song Domino, which was released in August 2011 on her studio album Who You Are.  

It soon after became the most popular song of her career at the time, earning her award nominations galore and topping chart after chart. 

Audition Pop Songs for Sopranos 

Got a singing audition coming up? Looking for a pop song that fits the bill? Well, look no further!

Here are our top-recommended soprano pop songs that’ll really show off your skills:

Because You Loved Me (Céline Dion)

Because You Love Me was the 2nd single from Céline Dion’s 4th album, Falling Into You. With emotional lyrics and a great showcase of the soprano range, it makes for an awesome audition song. 

This hit single sold millions of records around the world and earned Céline many prestigious awards. 

Skinny Love (Birdy)

Skinny Love by Birdy is a cover version of the original song sung by Justin Vernon, released in 2008.

Birdy’s cover of the song was released only a few years later in 2011 on her self-titled debut album. With such huge emphasis on the vocal track, it serves as an awesome soprano audition song. 

Ocean Eyes (Billie Eilish) 

Billie Eilish released her debut EP Don’t Smile at Me in November of 2016, with Ocean Eyes being her debut single.

Finneas O’Connell (Billie’s brother) wrote and produced the song for himself, before deciding it would actually be a better fit for his sister. 


Yesterday (Leona Lewis)

Yesterday is a hit song from Leona Lewis’s album Spirt, released in 2007.

This is a song about loss. It’s about losing someone important to you, but not letting it ruin the memories you had with them. 

In this song, Leona reaches impressively high notes that make her soprano voice truly stand out. 

Fallin’ (Alicia Keys)

Taken from Keys’ debut album, this song showcases the depth of her voice and the extent of the soprano range.

The track went on to hit the top of the billboards in multiple countries, including the US Hot 100. 

With Love (Christina Grimmie)

Christina Grimmie released the song With Love in August of 2013, taken from the album with the same name.

Sadly, this was the only album she ever released due to her tragic death in 2017. The track is about having someone who loves you, even on our bad days and when things aren’t quite going as smoothly as they should. 

It’s a great audition song for sopranos, packed full of emotion and with ample room for interesting vocal techniques such as melisma and vibrato.

7. Roar (Katy Perry)

Just like her track Firework, this song sees Perry sing about self-empowerment, taking control and standing up for yourself.

This song was featured on her album Prism, which was her 4th studio album. The track earned Perry a Diamond certified single. 

Send My Love (Adele) 

Adele’s Send My Love is a song detailing one of her past toxic relationships. It describes how they broke up, and how glad she is to be out of the relationship/

Like many other Adele songs, it’s an excellent showcase of the soprano voice, with a strong dynamic range and a real sense of power behind it. 

Love Song (Sara Bareilles)

Sara Bareilles released her debut album Little Voices in 2007. The song Love Song was her debut single, which she released for free on iTunes to help promote her album.

In 2009, this song would get Sara nominated in two categories at the Grammys. 

A Moment Like This (Kelly Clarkson) 

A Moment Like This was written for the winner of the first season of American Idol. After Kelly won, it was the #1 song on her debut album Thankful, released in 2003.

With incredible scope for vibrato and a wide dynamic range, this song is one of the most-popular pop songs for auditions today.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has given you more than a few choices of awesome soprano pop songs for your next singing session!

If you enjoyed this article, why not check out our ultimate list of pop songs for mezzo sopranos next?

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