60+ Awesome Karaoke Songs For Kids

Be it a birthday party, after-school club or an all-important night of family time, karaoke is hands-down one of the best activities for kids to participate in.

Not only is it heaps of fun, but it can also help to accelerate cognitive development (as we recently learned in our article on the benefits of learning an instrument as a child).

However, if you’re currently arranging a karaoke session for your budding pop star, it can be tough to know where to start when it comes to actually selecting the tunes…

That’s where we come in! Our passionate team of musos-slash-writers have compiled this ultimate list of 60+ karaoke songs for kids, including both pop songs and well-known movie tracks.

Feel free to skim through this list and compile your own awesome setlist of kids’ karaoke songs for your little one to belt out:

What You’ll Need:

  • Karaoke Machine: We’d recommend a low-cost portable one that hooks up to a TV or an iPad such as this one from Amazon. Alternatively, if you’ve got a gaming console at home, you can simply get a karaoke gaming kit such as We Sing Pop! for Xbox.
  • Lighting (Optional): Lights work great for special events such as a birthday party and can make your little one feel like a real pop star. You might even consider getting a small sound-activated light like this one, which’ll flash in time to the music and create a real disco vibe.
  • Drinks and snacks: All that singing and dancing is thirsty (and hungry) work! Make sure you’re armed with snacks and drinks for in-between songs. Water or juice works great, along with light snacks such as chips or marshmallows.

The Songs

Baby (Justin Bieber) 

Although one of his earlier tracks, Justin Bieber is still a shining star with his young fans, and the repetitive nature of this song makes it pretty easy for kids of any age to jump in and start singing.

Sucker (Jonas Brothers) 

For all the young Jonas Brother fans ready to rock it with the karaoke microphone, this song is sure to get them hyped! 

ABC (The Jackson 5)

This is a classic song originally sang by little Michael Jackson and his brothers. It’s an easy and fun song about a boy who didn’t know what he had until it was gone.

Say So (Doja Cat)

Not only is this song super catchy, but it’s also easy to sing and and dance along to, making it a great choice for kids’ karaoke. Kidz Bop do a great version of this track with accompanying dance moves.

Wannabe (Spice Girls)

This may seem like an old song for young singers, but for the kids who grow up listening to their parent’s music, this fun blast from the past is sure to be familiar. It’s also easy to sing thanks to minimal lyrics.

Everybody Wants to Be a Cat (The Aristocats) 

The Aristocats is an older Disney movie, but the jazzy movie soundtrack is hard to forget. The smooth jazz vibe paired with repeating lines like “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” makes it a fun song for the kids to learn to appreciate jazz.

Dance Monkey (Tones and I)

Whether you think the song makes any sense at all or you just think it’s plain silly, it’s still a catchy song that will have the kids up singing and dancing like monkeys.  

A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton)

This song was first released in 2001, but can still be heard in movies and on playlists today. The sweet, slightly upbeat piano pop song is a fun song for karaoke stars of any age.

How Far I’ll Go (Moana)

Another well-known Disney movie track is making it on our list. This song challenges kids to push themselves beyond other’s expectations. Plus, it’s just a fun karaoke song to belt out.

High Hopes (Panic! At the Disco)

Panic! At the Disco has been around for longer than today’s kids, but they managed to make a comeback with younger audiences and stay relevant. This is a fun song about trying, failing, and eventually succeeding in accomplishing your goals.

Price Tag (Jessie J)

Price tag is a super fun and powerful song to get your kids up and moving while they sing. Help them burn off some excess energy while teaching them a little lesson about how there is more to life than money.

Girls Like You (Maroon 5)

Maroon 5 puts an upbeat twist on what would otherwise be a classic love song. This song is great fun to sing, and can make kids feel like princes and princesses especially if mom and dad join in singing it with them. 

Baby Shark (Pinkfong)

As overplayed as this song might be to all you parents out there, it’s still a huge crowd pleaser with the little ones. It’s easy to sing, and chances are all the kids in the room know the lyrics and movements to go along with it.

Boomerang (Jojo Sewa)

Jojo Sewa has recently taken the internet by storm and her young fans love her playful and childlike appearance. Her song “Boomerang” is a powerful anthem to encourage kids to stand up to bullies and not worry about what others think.

Memories (Maroon 5)

Memories is a super simple Maroon 5 song about remembering the people we have lost and creating memories while we can. It’s also a simple song with extremely repetitive lyrics that kids of all ages can pick up on easily.

What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

One Direction may have broken up, but their songs are still popular with the kids. This song is a fun, poppy song that is sure to make the kids jump up and down and dance and sing.

Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)

The Lion King is a classic Disney movie, but with the release of the 2019 remake, Timon and Pumbaa made a comeback and so did the classic song “Hakuna Matata.” This all-too-familiar song will have everyone letting go of their worries and singing along.

You Got a Friend in Me (Randy Newman)

This song made popular by the movie Toy Story is a fun and kid-friendly song about friendship. Let your kids and their friends sing together as they spend time strengthening their own friendships and having fun.

Blinding Lights (The Weekend)

This disco-era-inspired dance song is fun, kid-friendly, and enjoyable for the adults too. Turn on the disco ball, give the kid a mic and get ready for some fun 80s vibes.

Savage Love (Jason Derulo) (Kidz Bop Version)

The original version of this song is not kid-friendly because of language, but the Kidz Bop version is fun and family-friendly, replacing the questionable line in the chorus with “I know you don’t love enough.”

Toosie Slide (Drake) (Kidz Bop Version)

“Toosie Slide” is the newest instalment of dance songs that tell you exactly how to get up and move, but it’s also fun to sing along with as well. As a rap song, the original is not for kids due to language, but Kidz Bop helped to clean things up a bit.

Stupid Love (Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga is a pop icon known for her extravagant clothes and poppy upbeat music. Stupid love is a perfect example of true Lady Gaga style and with the simple lyrics often repeating “I want your stupid love” over and over again, it’s easy for the kids to rock out to.

Can’t Stop This Feeling (Justin Timberlake) 

Made popular by the “Trolls” movie in 2016, this upbeat song about dancing is sure to have everyone, even the adults in the room, on their feet moving to the beat. 

Dynamite (BTS)

For all those little K-pop fans out there, BTS’ song “Dynamite” is sure to light up any karaoke party like dynamite. Even if the kids don’t speak Korean, they can still appreciate part of South Korean culture with this song.

Let It Go (Idina Menzel)

Of course, this list has to include one of the most popular Disney movie songs of all time. Let It Go is a fun song they’ll probably know by heart.

All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor) 

This song is a power anthem about being happy with the skin you are in, and its upbeat, sassy vibes make it fun to get up and sing along with. 

Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)

“Call Me Maybe” is a fun and simple summer song. It’s poppy with easy melodies and minimal lyrics for kids to have to remember. This fun, bubbly song is sure to brighten up the party.

In Summer (Frozen)

For all the Olaf fans who share in his love of summer, this song is cute and fun to sing and sway along with, even if it’s a bit humorous with a snowman singing about summer.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins)

While “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” did not make it into the new Mary Poppins movie, it’s a great opportunity to introduce your kids to this nonsensical and whimsical Mary Poppins’ classic. Plus, it’s just fun to sing.

Into the Unknown (Idina Menzel)

Another song for the frozen fans out there. This powerful song about being thankful for the people that are most important to you, and not giving in to temptations of the unknown. It’s a great song for kids who like to sing loud and proud.

When Will My Life Begin? (Tangled)

This is probably the most popular Tangled song, and while it may seem silly to sing about what she does every day, it’s done in such a fun way with an upbeat track that easily leads to singing and dancing.

What does the Fox Say? (Ylvis)

This song can be quite annoying, but it’s a super simple song to sing and it talks about different animals. In a weird way, it can be an educational song as well as a fun karaoke/dance song.

Cups (Anna Kendrick)

This song was made popular by the first Pitch Perfect movie, and it’s even more fun to sing when you give a kid a cup and show them how to actually do the cup part of the song. Work on hand-eye coordination while singing karaoke!

What a Girl Is (Liv and Maddie)

This is a girl-empowering song that is great for singing and dancing too, but you can also use it to remind your little girls that they are special and perfect just the way they are.

You Can’t Stop the Beat (Hairspray)

This fun Broadway musical number was featured in the 2007 movie Hairspray and it’s such a fun song to get up and sing and dance to. You could also use it as an opportunity to teach your kids about segregation and when it ended.

Roar (Katy Perry)

A karaoke list would be incomplete without at least one Katy Perry song. This song has become an inspirational song for kids and adults alike who are going through difficult times, reminding them of how strong they are and to keep fighting.

Cheap Thrills (Sia)

This clean, kid-friendly dance party song is a great song to liven up any karaoke party, and it’s repetitive so the kids can learn it quickly if they don’t already know the words.

A Whole New World (Aladdin)

This song is a great duet if you have two kids who want to sing a song together. It’s also a good song for slowing things down a bit when the party is starting to come to an end. Though it’s upbeat enough to not put everyone to sleep.

Rewrite the Stars (Zac Efron) 

This sweet love song from The Greatest Showman is another fun duet for the kids or even for a parent and child duet.

Love Song (Sara Bareilles) 

This song, as the title says, is a love song, with a bubbly upbeat piano part. It’s easy to sing, and it’s a cute karaoke song for the kiddies.

Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars) (Kidz Bop Version) 

Bruno does a fantastic job of bringing the 80s to this decade with funky, groovy vibes that make everyone want to sing and dance. Simple lyrics that repeat make it easy for anyone to enjoy the song. The original version isn’t bad, but it does mention liquor so the Kidz Bop Version is more kid-friendly.

Brave (Sara Bareilles)

If you love power anthems or you want to teach your kids about standing up for what is right, have fun singing about it in the process with “Brave,” and teach your kids to be brave.

We’re All in This Together (High School Musical) 

Whether you’ve got one kid rocking out by themselves or a whole group of kids ready to sing some karaoke, this song about togetherness is a great choice to get everyone dancing and singing as one. 

Shake it Off (Taylor Swift)

For all the young Tay Tay fans who love to sing and dance, this kid-friendly pop song will put a smile on a fan’s face any day. It’s a song with positive vibes that even adults can enjoy.

Firework (Katy Perry) 

For anyone feeling down in the dumps, no matter what your age is, this uplifting Katy Perry song will make you feel better when you start singing and just let go. 

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Frozen) 

This Frozen song sang by a little Anna is great for the little kids who love the movie. With fun sound effects and whimsical music, it will be fun to see the kids dance and sing along.

Dancing Queen (Meryl Streep)

If you want to introduce your kids to more of the classics, “Dancing Queen” is a fun place to start.

Bye Bye Bye (NSYNC) 

Bring the 90s back with this classic boy band jam, and teach the kids how boy bands used to dance. The repetitive lyrics make it easy to focus on the moves while still singing strong.

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (Shakira)

Though the whole song isn’t in English, the English parts are easy to sing and the parts sang in Xhosa are fun to mumble along with and try to sing. The whole song is just fun to get up and dance to and sing to.

Bubbly (Colbie Caillat)

This is a super cute song that lives up to its name by making you enjoy the bubbly vibes of this love song. It’s also super easy to learn to sing. 

Sorry Not Sorry (Demi Lovato) (Kidz Bop Version)

The original version of this song is definitely not kid-friendly, but Kidz Bop did a great job of making this Demi song kid-friendly and easy to sing along with.

Despicable Me Song (Despicable Me)

The little rapper in your bunch can have his or her time to shine with the “Despicable Me Song.” At first, it sounds like there are a lot of words to remember, but the chorus repeats several times making it easier to learn.

Hey, Soul Sister (Train)

With only two verses and the rest of the song consisting of the same chorus repeated three times, this is an easy and fun upbeat song for the kids to enjoy singing.

I’ll Make a Man Out of You (Mulan)

Another Disney classic that is fun for a group of kids with the lines from the movie included in the song, each kid can have their own part to sing or everyone can sing together.

Down in New Orleans (The Princess and the Frog)

This song will take you down to the heart of New Orleans with this jazzy dance number that basically repeats the same lyrics about what is happening “Down in New Orleans” making it an easy and short song to sing coming in at less than two minutes in length.

Perfect (Ed Sheeran)

Is it really karaoke without an Ed Sheeran song? “Perfect” is a perfect little song for the kids to sing and maybe even get the parents to join in. It’s a sweet love song.

Fireball (Willow Smith Featuring Nikki Minaj)

Hip hop makes for fun sassy grooves when singing karaoke. Willow Smith does a fantastic job of showing off her sass in this super repetitive song that is sure to reveal the true sass of any kid singer.

Banana Song (Minions)

For an easy song with no real lyrics besides “banana” and “potato,” this is a super easy song for the kids to mumble along to while feeling cool. Though it can be pretty annoying after a while, at least it’s cute.

7 Rings (Arianna Grande) (Kidz Bop Version)

This is a fun and sassy song both the original and the Kidz Bop version, but the Kidz Bop version is the only kid-friendly version. This song puts a twist on the original song from The Sound of Music.

Driver’s License (Olivia Rodrigo) (Kidz Bop)

Olivia Rodrigo surprised the world with her indie-pop song released in early 2021. Unfortunately, the original isn’t kid-friendly, but Kidz Bop did a great job of cleaning it up so the kids can enjoy it too!

Closing Thoughts

We hope this list of kids’ karaoke songs has given you (more than) a few ideas for your next session of karaoke!

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