50+ Primary School Songs You’ll Remember Singing

As we’re sure you’ll agree:

When you look back to your days at primary school, one of the first things that’ll likely spring to mind are the songs you used to sing.

Be it morning assembly or the yearly nativity play, primary school songs had an uncanny knack for being absolute feel-good bangers.

They’re also wonderfully-reminiscent of a time when life was much less complicated than it likely is now (no council tax, house chores, spouses or bosses to worry about!)

In this article, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of 50+ primary school songs you’ll remember singing as a child. We’ve included everything from no-brainer staples of the assembly hall to more seasonal songs, along with a few snippets of information about each song.

Let’s dive into this trip down memory lane!

Give Me Joy in my Heart 

This was one of those songs that you either absolutely loved or really disliked. But either way, every classroom was singing this song at one point or another. 

He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands

This primary school song was sung in just about every school. It had children and teachers either singing or humming along for the rest of the day after a round of it during morning assembly! 

All Things Bright and Beautiful

We can more-or-less guarantee that you will have sung this one at primary school (we’d also hazard a guess that you probably did a mini fist-pump when you saw it go up on the projector).

In fact, it’s still just as popular today as it was many decades ago.  

One More Step Along The World I Go

As a kid, you probably daydreamed about places around the world you wanted to visit. This is why this song was so popular at school; it instilled hope about traveling around the world one day (and getting along with your classmates of course). 

Little Donkey

This one was both a staple of morning assembly and the yearly nativity play. You’ll probably remember singing this one earlier on in your primary school career, such as in year one or year two. 

Give Me Oil In My Lamp

There are just some songs that make a lasting impression in somebody’s mind, and this tune is definitely one of them! There were always lots of smiles and laughs from this one as the kids acted out the choreography that went along with it. 

When A Knight Won His Spurs

Singing songs about knights and dragons was always fun for the boys. Lyrics like ‘He was gentle and brave, he was gallant and bold’ made every-school aged boy want to be a knight in shining armour! 

Clap Hands! Stamp Feet! 

Whenever a teacher wanted to get all the extra energy out of the kids, they often turned to this song to do it. The whole class loved it, and most teachers knew it would let the kids blow off some steam if they were getting distracted. 

Kumbaya My Lord

There were many classrooms that started their day off singing the lyrics to this song. Maybe it was the meaning behind the music or just the fact that most kids thought the name was funny. 

Morning Has Broken

If you don’t immediately remember this song from primary school, it’s probably because it wasn’t the most upbeat tune to sing. However, it was still sung around the country in many school assemblies. 

The Ink is Black

This one was a hallmark of 1980’s primary schools, with an important underlying principle. It always lifted the children’s spirits and made them grab a sheet of paper and a pen to see if the ink was really black! 

Lord of the Dance

Many people don’t know this, but this song was popular among school kids long before the incredible musical ‘Riverdance’ was ever even thought about. With memorable lyrics like ‘And I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be’, this song had kids running in circles on the playground all day long. 

Magic Penny

Whether you enjoyed singing this song as a child or not, it definitely made you think as you got older. After all, everybody wants a magic penny in their wallet! 

Harvest Hymn 

When the children returned to school each year, they could look for the harvest season just around the corner and often sang this song as they played and worked on crafts. 

My Grandfather’s Clock

Who didn’t love singing about their grandfather’s clock? The lyrics might have been a bit on the dark side, but the tune was catchy and always made the kids smile. 

Shine Jesus Shine

Like many of the other primary school songs, this one lit a fire within the pupils and allowed them to belt out the lyrics while bursting with joy. If there were one thing this song was memorable for, it would be the blazing energy!  

Let There Be Peace On Earth

This one was a bit more on the sombre side, but had an irresistibly-catchy melody and a great underlying theme to it. This one was (and still is) an assembly hall go-to, being sung year-round.

If I Had a Hammer

This was always a fun song that the young boys usually wanted to sing. With all the lyrics focused on what you would do if you had a hammer, it left imaginations running wild! 

Go Tell It on the Mountain

One of the most memorable primary school songs was this one, and everybody still remembers the lyrics to this day. It wasn’t unusual to see a class coming through the doors onto the playground belting out, ‘Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere!’

When I Needed A Neighbour

Not all songs are happy ones, but some, like this one, really made the kids wonder what was really going on with their neighbours at the time. If it didn’t have them puzzled, it did have them wanting answers to the simple question being asked – were you there? 

The School Rules Song

Most people probably remember having to sing this song in the classroom while the teacher walked around looking to see who wasn’t participating. However, when it came time to sing the ‘dum dum dum dum’, everybody chimed in!  

Colours of Day

Once this song was played, everybody had a tough time trying to get the lyrics out of their heads. In fact, you could hear some teachers humming the sounds of this song under their breath while marking homework!

This Little Light of Mine

Who didn’t love singing this song as a child on the playground during break time? It not only bonded kids together, but it also had them guiding each other around as if they knew the right path to take each time. 

Who Put The Colours in The Rainbow?

This song was fabulous; it asked so many fun questions and was always a favourite among the younger crowd. When a class got to sing this one at an assembly or school play, even the teachers and parents would sing along! 

Away in A Manger

When it came to the nativity play, there wasn’t a primary school to be found that wasn’t singing this classic Christmas song. It’s probably most memorable for the costumes rather than the actual lyrics! 

Once In Royal David’s City

This is another one that was usually reserved for nativity plays or Christmas concerts. You’ll probably have sung it if you went to a Christian primary school. 

The 12 Days of Christmas

Everybody probably remembers singing this Christmas favourite, but do they actually remember all the words to The 12 days of Christmas? Or was it just the ‘five golden rings’ that kept them going? 

It Was On A Starry Night

This was another Christmas favourite and is still currently sang by school children around the country. It has a melody unlike many other primary school songs, which makes it stick in your mind forever.   

When It’s A Sunny Day 

Talk about a song that always left a smile on a kid’s face, from the classic summer melodies of school days gone by or the power of the wind blowing freely through your hair. 

The Body Song 

This was always fun for the youngsters who had freckles on their faces and wanted to count all their fingers and toes. You can probably still hear the sounds of giggling classmates when you think about this song! 

Silent Night

One of the most famous songs sang at primary school Christmas concerts was Silent Night. It’s still holding its spot as one of the best all-time school concert songs for children of all ages. 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

It wouldn’t have been a Christmas assembly without one of the classes singing this song on stage. However, whether or not they actually knew all the lyrics is another story. 

It’s A Magical Time  

This song was traditionally sung at every Christmas assembly. Once you heard the lyrics being belted out by all the kids, it was hard to get them out of your mind. 

Hip, Hip, Hooray! 

This was one of those songs that the teachers always tried to separate the boys from the girls to reach all the high and low notes. Whether they were successful or not, the song always went down well. 

Autumn Days

This was an all-time favourite for most school children during the first months of returning to school after the summer holidays. It reminded everybody of all the fun this season would bring.

Cross Over the Road My Friend

People often wondered why primary school aged children be told to sing this tune. But when you know all the lyrics, it’s easy to understand. 

Give It All You Got 

Talk about an upbeat school song that always got the kids excited! This tune was filled with energy and lyrics that had everybody clapping along as they sang. 

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

Regardless of where you grew up, this Christmas favourite was sure to give you goose bumps as you sang the lyrics on stage in front of parents and teachers during the Christmas assembly. 

Monday Morning 

This is a fun-filled song that always got the week started off on the right foot. There were plenty of times that some kids wanted to change it to ‘Friday Morning’, but the title remains the same today. 

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Another Christmas classic that most children remember due to the vast amount of props and costumes used on stage during the nativity. It’ll always be a popular song among church choirs.  

Everywhere Around Me 

This was a song that many school plays used to get the kids actively involved in whatever they were teaching them. It’s a melody that really sticks in your mind afterward! 

Cauliflowers Fluffy

The title of this song alone always made the kids giggle. However, it was easy to start craving strawberries and beans when singing along to this song! 

O Come, All Ye Faithful

When the winter rolled around each year, every teacher assembled their class together to sing this song and explain the meaning behind the lyrics. 

The First Noel

Out of all the seasonal primary school songs, this one was probably one of the most memorable. In fact, it’s still sung worldwide at schools throughout the Christmas season. 


Teachers loved having their pupils singing this song ‘together,’ and many times, they continued singing it throughout the day, even when they were at home. 

I Like Books! 

This song was used as a tool to get children interested in reading. Once they got used to the lyrics, it was easy to convince them to choose a new book to read! 

Spring Sprang! 

Once the winter was ending, many classrooms would begin singing Spring Sprang to welcome the new season. You would also hear it being sung in spring school assemblies as well. 

Ding Dong Merrily On High

This was always a fun song to sing since so many children could barely hit the high notes required. But, that didn’t stop everybody from enjoying the efforts. 

School Is Nearly Over 

When the day was coming to an end (but there was still some time to sing some songs together), many teachers would choose this one because it was true – school was nearly over! 

Back in School Again 

Finally, this song was a go-to after a break from school, such as half term or the summer holidays. It always got the kids back into the right frame of mind for being at school!

Closing Thoughts

We hope this article has brought back great musical memories of your days at primary school!

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